Ed Piskor

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Ed Piskor

Cartoonist, Wizzywig, Hip Hop Family Tree

Ed Piskor cut his teeth drawing American Splendor strips for Harvey Pekar. The duo went on to doing a few graphic novels together: Macedonia (Villard, 2007), and The Beats (Hill & Wang, 2009). His first solo graphic novel was the computer hacker story Wizzywig (Top Shelf, 2012) and he's currently working on the Hip Hop Family Tree series (Fantagraphics) of which two volumes will be available at APE. He plans on continuing the series for the foreseeable future.

Panel Appearances:

Saturday, 1:45: The Hip Hop/Comics Connection Panel!, Firehouse Building

Saturday, 2:30: Everyday Inspiration: What Inspires the Comics You Write? Firehouse Building

Sunday, 3:15: Dark Comedy in Comics, Firehouse Building

Appearing at Table #330 in the APE 2014 Exhibit Hall all weekend