Jason Shiga

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Jason Shiga

Cartoonist, Empire State, Meanwhile, Demon

Jason Shiga was born and raised in Oakland, California. He has been drawing comics since 1996. His comics have a geeky side, and often feature exciting uses of math. Many of his comics are interactive and require the reader to make choices to move the story along. In his fifteen-year career, Shiga has created 5 graphic novels, 20 comic books, over a dozen magazines and newspaper strips, and the world’s second largest interactive comic. Although his works range from strips to graphic novels he is best known for his love of unusual structural forms. Jason's newest project is a 750-page science fiction epic entitled Demon. He is releasing it serially on his website, shigabooks.com.

Panel Appearances:

Saturday, 4:15: Spotlight on Jason Shiga, Firehouse Building

Sunday, 11:45: A Little Bit Supernatural, Firehouse Building

Sunday, 3:15: Dark Comedy in Comics, Firehouse Building

Appearing at Table #319 in the APE 2014 Exhibit Hall all weekend