Film Festival Awards

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Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival

Since 2005, the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival (CCI-IFF) has been a juried event. The 4-day festival screens some of the very best in genre-related short and long films as part of Comic-Con International: San Diego. Its categories include action/adventure, animation, comics-related, documentary (pop culture related), horror/suspense, humor, and science fiction/fantasy. The winners of each category are decided by a panel of judges made up of film and popular arts industry luminaries. Trophies and prizes are given to the films deemed by the judges to be the best in each category, and an overall “Judges’ Choice Award” is presented to the one film considered the best film in the festival.

For information on submitting your film for future consideration in the CCI-IFF, please visit this page.

2012 Award Recipients

Best Action Adventure Film: Bridges – A Living Graphic Novel
Best Animated Film: Wolf Dog Tales
Best Comics-Oriented Film: Lost Rites
Best Documentary: GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
Best Horror/Suspense Film: The Absence
Best Humor Film: Natural 20
Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Film: Wait for Rain
Judges' Choice Award: The Absence
Judges: Borys Kit, Kyle Newman, Steven-Charles Jaffee

2011 Award Recipients

Best Action Adventure Film: The Debt Collector
Best Animated Film: Paths of Hate
Best Comics-Oriented Film: Secret Identity
Best Documentary: Gahan Wilson: Born Dead, Still Weird
Best Horror/Suspense Film: Recollection
Best Humor Film: Repeat After Me
Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Film: Heal
Judges' Choice Award: Paths of Hate
Judges: Michael Gross, Eric Vespe, Kevin Walsh

2010 Award Recipients

Best Action/Adventure Film: The Action Hero's Guide to Saving Lives
Best Animated Film: The Mouse That Soared
Best Documentary Film: Marwencol
Best Comics-Related Film: The Legacy
Best Horror/Suspense Film: The Window
Best Humor Film: Herpes Boy
Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Film: Stingray Sam
Judges' Choice Award: Marwencol
Judges: Lloyd Kaufman, Kerry O'Quinn, Mike Roush

2009 Award Recipients

Best Action/Adventure Film: Al’s Beef
Best Animated Film: The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl
Best Comics-Related Film: The Book of Tomorrow
Best Documentary Film: Dig Comics
Best Horror/Suspense Film: Alice Jacobs is Dead
Best Humor Film: Anna Made an American
Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Film: Hirsute!
Judges' Choice Award: The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl
Judges: Beth Accomando, Mark Altman, Marc Bernardin

2008 Award Recipients

Best Action/Adventure Film: Citizen
Best Animated Film: La Lune
Best Comics-Oriented Film: The Crusaders #357: Experiment in Evil!
Best Documentary Film: Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown
Best Horror/Suspense Film: The Insane
Best Humor Film: The Auburn Hills Breakdown
Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Film: Operation: Fish
Judges’ Choice Award: Operation: Fish
Judges: Beth Accomando, Borys Kit, Tom DeSanto

2007 Award Recipients

Best Action/Adventure Film: Razor Sharp
Best Animated Film: Fission
Best Comics-Oriented Film: Rocketboy
Best Documentary Film: Moebius Redux
Best Horror/Suspense Film: Eli
Best Humor Film: Zombie Love
Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Film: Man vs. Woman
Judges’ Choice Award: Moebius Redux
Judges: Max Allan Collins, Tom Jane, Sean Rourke

2006 Award Recipients

Best Action Adventure Film: Der Ostwind
Best Animated Film: Gorgonas
Best Comics-Oriented Film: Zombie Prom
Best Documentary Film: Drakmar
Best Horror/Suspense Film: Post-Mortem
Best Humor Film: The Vinyl Battle
Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Film: Outside
Judges' Choice Award: Zombie Prom
Judges: Amber Benson, Chris Gore, Thomas J. McLean

2005 Award Recipients

Best Animated Film: “9”
Best Comics-Oriented Film: Tomorrow’s Memoir
Best Documentary: Seven Days in Japan
Best Horror/Suspense Film: The Box
Best Humor Film: (tie) Gay by Dawn and I Am Stamos
Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Film: La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Judges' Choice Award: “9”
Judges: Mark Altman, Scott Zakarin, Gary Sassaman