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Adult Materials Display Agreement


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DEADLINE: We must receive this form by June 7, 2017

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All Exhibitors Must Complete And Submit This Form
Booth displays at Comic-Con International may not include:
  • Sexual Content
  • Abusive Sexual Connotations
  • Nudity

Adult material for sale at Comic-Con 2017 may not be displayed as part of your booth, attire or merchandise for view by the general public. Please review the Adult Material regulations (reprinted below), found on page 22 & 27 of the Comic-Con 2017 Exhibitor Newswire.

Display of Adult Material

a. Character of Exhibits: Character of exhibits is subject to the approval of Comic-Con International. All decisions regarding the display of adult materials with adult content shall rest solely with Comic-Con International. Requests to display adult material must be submitted by June 7, 2017 and must include a description of the proposed display, explaining where and how the materials will be displayed.

b. Defined: Adult material is defined pursuant to San Diego’s municipal code. Art and/or other material displayed or offered for sale must conform to state, federal, and local laws.

c. Minors: Adult material must not be accessible to minors in any way. No adult material may be sold, given, or distributed to minors.

d. Display: No exhibitor may display material depicting nudity or sexual content unless it is blinded (i.e., depictions of nudity or sexual content must be covered) or displayed in such a way that it cannot be viewed by minors or from the aisle. In particular, adult material on the aisle must be covered in such a way that is not accessible without the exhibitor’s assistance; for example, adult material, blinded, could be placed on a table and covered with a sheet of plastic.

e. Video Games: All "M" rated games are considered Adult Material. "M" rated games may be displayed at SDCC; however the content may not be visible by the general attendee from any SDCC aisle or public space. Access must be controlled by the exhibitor, to any playable or non playable "M" rated game demo.

f. Relevance of Material: Any adult material for sale or display must pertain to comics, animation, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, horror or other related popular arts.

g. Compliance: Failure to comply may result in the exhibitor’s arrest and criminal prosecution. SDCC reserves the right to remove objectionable items from display or to take any other actions it deems necessary.

h. Standards: Adult material must meet all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, as well as conform to San Diego community standards for sale of adult material. All adult material at SDCC must be relevant to our mission.

If you plan to sell adult material at Comic-Con 2017, you must SUBMIT this request to sell adult material, by June 7, 2017. If you have additional questions, please call the Comic-Con International offices at 619-414-1020.