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Frank Brunner

Frank Brunner

Photo by Luigi Novi


Artist, Dr. Strange, Howard the Duck

Frank Brunner was hatched in Brooklyn, NY in 1949. He turned pro in 1969, writing and drawing for Web of Horror magazine. For over 40 years, Frank’s work has been continuously printed and reprinted worldwide in comics, magazines, and books; on trading cards, T-shirts, games, and album covers; in animation, TV, and movies; and in two art books, Eyes of Light and MYTHOS. He has popularized such characters as Dr. Strange, Man-Thing, Red Sonja, Conan, Elric, and Howard the Duck, and he designed all the character models for the first X-Men animated series. Recently Frank Illustrated new stories for Marvel’s Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange, and a satire of Doc and Howard in Simpson’s Super Spectacular #15 for Bongo Comics.