Comic-Con 2013 Special Guests

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2013 featured an amazing roster of special guests. Here's the list.

Jeff Mariotte

Jeff Mariotte

Author, Season of the Wolf, Star Trek: The Folded World

2013 marks the 30th anniversary of Jeff Mariotte attending Comic-Con. He’s been at the show as co-owner of Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego bookstore), VP of marketing for WildStorm Productions, senior editor for DC Comics/WildStorm, editor-in-chief for IDW Publishing, and author of novels and comics. Among the comic books he’s written are Desperadoes, Barack Obama: The Comic Book Biography, and Zombie Cop. His novels as Jeffrey J. Mariotte include River Runs Red, Missing White Girl, Cold Black Hearts, and The Slab, and as Jeff Mariotte, the Dark Vengeance quartet and books set in numerous fictional universes. His most recent novels are Season of the Wolf and Star Trek: The Folded World.

Val Mayerik

Val Mayerik

Artist, Man-Thing, Howard the Duck

Val Mayerik was born in Youngstown, Ohio in the 1950s. As a young adult he worked in steel mills to pay his way through college. Under the auspices of Dan Adkins, Val got his first assignment for Marvel Comics, a short story featuring the barbarian character Thongor. From there he went on to illustrate the classic monster series The Frankenstein Monster, and he was the artist on Steve Gerber’s Man-Thing, which introduced the character of Howard the Duck. Since then he has worked for almost every major comic book publisher. Over the past decade he has done a lot of storyboard work and is currently working on an online comic, Blue Cat, for Aces Weekly and Angel Punk, to be seen in Dark Horse Presents. Val also paints western art.

Dave McKean

Dave McKean

Illustrator/designer/filmmaker, Sandman, Arkham Asylum

Dave McKean has illustrated and designed many groundbreaking books and graphic novels, including The Magic of Reality (Richard Dawkins), The Homecoming (Ray Bradbury), The Savage (David Almond), What's Welsh for Zen (John Cale), Arkham Asylum (Grant Morrison), and Mr. Punch, Wolves in the Walls, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman). He wrote and illustrated Pictures That Tick, Celluloid, and the multi-award-winning Cages. He has created hundreds of CD and comic covers, including the entire run of Gaiman's Sandman. He has directed five shorts and three feature films: MirrorMask, Luna, and The Gospel of Us with Michael Sheen.

Terry Moore

Terry Moore

Writer/artist, Strangers in Paradise, Echo, Rachel Rising

Terry Moore began creating critically acclaimed comic books in 1993, with his classic series Strangers in Paradise. Garnering numerous industry awards and published in 14 languages, Strangers in Paradise remains a perennial favorite worldwide. Moore completed the sci-fi series Echo in 2011 and recently published How to Draw as a quarterly periodical. His personal take on drawing will be collected in a trade paperback in late 2012. His current project is a horror series, Rachel Rising, noted for its cutting-edge writing and drawing. Moore is recognized as one of the most successful independent publishers in the comic book industry.

Dean Mullaney

Dean Mullaney

Creative director, The Library of American Comics

Dean Mullaney created The Library of American Comics for IDW in 2007 and ushered in a new Golden Age of newspaper strip collections. The Library has won three Eisner Awards and received more than 20 award nominations. Mullaney has been a pioneering force in comics since 1978, when he published Sabre, the first graphic novel for the direct market, despite distributors telling him that “no one will pay five dollars for a comic book!" His seminal efforts as founder and publisher of Eclipse Comics brought many milestones to the field, including creator copyright ownership and the first line of translated Japanese manga, not to mention Scott McCloud’s Zot! and Miracleman by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman.

Ted Naifeh

Ted Naifeh

Writer/artist, Courtney Crumrin, Polly and the Pirates

Ted Naifeh is the creator of two-time Eisner Award nominee Courtney Crumrin and of Polly and the Pirates, both published by Oni Press. He co-created goth romance favorite Gloomcookie (published SLG) and drew six volumes of Death Jr. for Image Comics. Between 2009 and 2011, he illustrated a trilogy of graphic novels, The Good Neighbors, with bestselling fantasy author Holly Black. Although best known as a creator of all-ages stories, he also co-created How Loathsome, an edgy exploration of San Francisco’s club scene. Ted lives in San Francisco and owns pocket squares in almost every color.

Mike Norton

Mike Norton

Writer/artist, Battlepug, Artist, It Girl

Mike Norton has been working in comics for over 10 years now, gaining recognition for projects such as The Waiting Place and Jason and the Argobots. He’s made a name for himself working on books like Queen and Country, Gravity, Runaways, All-New Atom, Green Arrow/Black Canary, Billy Batson & The Magic of Shazam, and Young Justice. He is currently drawing two Image Comics series (It Girl and Revival), and his own weekly webcomic, Battlepug, which won the Eisner Award in 2012 for Best Digital Comic. He is also very, very tall.

Jerry Ordway

Jerry Ordway

Artist, Adventures of Superman, All Star Squadron

Jerry Ordway got his first professional comics work in the summer of 1980. In the years since, he has written and drawn the adventures of countless iconic characters, including Superman, Captain Marvel, the Justice Society, All Star Squadron, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four. As an inker, he worked on Crisis on Infinite Earths as well as Zero Hour for DC Comics. In the 1990s, Jerry co-created and drew WildStar for Image Comics and wrote and drew his own creation The Messenger. Still busy in the field, he recently re-imagined the 1940s character the Human Bomb in a miniseries for DC.

Dan Parent

Dan Parent

Writer/artist, Archie Comics

Dan Parent is an American comic book artist and writer best known for his work for Archie Comics. A graduate of The Kubert School, Parent began working for Archie immediately after graduation. His writing of the “Love Showdown” series in 1994 received widespread attention. Parent has also illustrated Felix the Cat, Barbie, Disney Adventures, and a wide variety of other titles. Dan is known for creating Archie Comics’ first gay character, Kevin Keller. His current project is Kevin Keller and George Takei, and he’s working on the upcoming Archie Meets Glee.

Martin Pasko

Martin Pasko

Writer, Superman, Dr. Fate

Martin Pasko currently develops entertainment properties such as comics and toy lines for transmedia storytelling applications, as well as more traditional media, at his company, Martin Pasko Creative Development. He has helped translate many comics properties to animation, including Batman (Batman: The Animated Series, for which he won a Daytime Emmy Award) and was a co-writer of the Mask of The Phantasm feature. In comics, Pasko is best known for his work with DC, having written Superman in many media and co-developed Dr. Fate with Walter Simonson. He has also written nonfiction, including The DC Vault and The Superman Encyclopedia (with Robert Greenberger).

Lincoln Peirce

Lincoln Peirce

Cartoonist, Big Nate

Lincoln Peirce is the creator of the comic strip Big Nate, which debuted in 1991 and appears in 200 newspapers in the U.S. and online daily. His books include Big Nate: In A Class by Himself, Big Nate Strikes Again, Big Nate on a Roll, and Big Nate Goes for Broke, in addition to two activity books and a compilation. A fan and collector of classic country music, Lincoln also hosts a local radio show devoted to honky tonk and western swing. He lives in Portland, Maine with his wife and two children. You can visit him online at, where Lincoln blogs twice a week.

George Pérez

George Perez

Photo by Bodhi Tree Photography


Writer/artist, Wonder Woman, New Teen Titans, JLA/Avengers

In his over 38-year comics career, George Pérez has been involved with many of the industry’s landmark publications. With writer Marv Wolfman, he created The New Teen Titans, which helped bring DC Comics back into competitive prominence during the 1980s. Pérez had two enormously successful runs on The Avengers and great personal success as writer/artist for the 1980s relaunch of Wonder Woman. More notable successes include JLA/Avengers, Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, and as the initial writer of the 2011 Superman relaunch. George is also a founding member and chairman of the disbursement committee for The Hero Initiative, a charity benefiting comics professionals in need.