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Laura Martin

Laura Martin

Color artist, Planetary, Star Wars

Laura Martin is a 20-year veteran comics colorist. Shortly after graduating from college in 1995, Laura joined WildStorm, where she won the Eisner Award for Best Colorist for Planetary and The Authority. She went freelance in 2000 and worked on JLA and Universe-X. In 2001, Laura joined CrossGen, where she won more awards for Ruse and Negation. In 2004, she returned to freelancing and has colored such titles as Astonishing X-Men, The Ultimates, Thor, Uncanny Avengers, Stephen King's The Stand, and AvX (Marvel); Dr. Manhattan, Superman (DC Comics); Serenity (Dark Horse); Armor Hunters (Valiant); and The Rocketeer (IDW). Laura is currently coloring Star Wars (Marvel), Ragnarök (IDW), and Spawn (Image).