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Luis Royo

Luis Royo

Photo by Rebeca Saray


Fantasy illustrator, The Ice Dragon, Malefic Time

Luis Royo is a Spanish award-winning fantasy illustrator, known worldwide for his sensual and dark paintings, apocalyptic imagery, and fantasy worlds. Royo has produced paintings for his own books and exhibitions and got other media such as video games, music CDs, book covers, advertising, comic books, portfolios, and cards. He has published more than 30 books, including Malefic, Secrets, III Millennium (1998), Dreams, Prohibited Book, Evolution, Conceptions, Visions, Fantastic Art, The Labyrinth Tarot, Subversive Beauty, Dark Labyrinth, Dome, and Dead Moon, among many others. Last year he published a new illustration version of George R. R. Martin's The Ice Dragon and nowadays he's working on the transmedia project Malefic Time, a new fantasy universe of books with ramifications on music, manga, RPG, and novels.