Eduardo Risso

Eduardo Risso at Comic-Con International 2017, July 20–23 at the San Diego Convention Center

Artist, 100 Bullets, Moonshine, Torpedo 1972

Eduardo Risso was born in Leones, Argentina in 1959. His comics work includes El Angel, Julio Cesar, and Parque Chas in his native country, and (with writer Carlos Trillo) Simon: An American Tale, Video Noire, Borderline, and Chicanos, which were published in Italy and France. In 1997 he did Alien: Resurrection for Dark Horse and other American works followed. He teamed up with Brain Azzarello on the miniseries Jonny Double, which led to the creation of the multiple Eisner Award-winning series 100 Bullets. He has won the Eisner, Harvey, and Yellow Kid awards for 100 Bullets as Best Artist.

His latest work for DC Comics was Dark Night: A True Batman Story with acclaimed writer Paul Dini. He’s currently working on Moonshine with Azzarello and Torpedo 1972 with Enrique Sanchez Abulí. Since 2010, Eduardo has been president of Crack Bang Boom—International Comics Convention in Rosario, Argentina.