Marguerite Bennett

Marguerite Bennett at Comic-Con International 2017, July 20–23 at the San Diego Convention Center

Writer, Batwoman, DC Bombshells

Marguerite Bennett is a New York Times bestselling comic book writer based in Los Angeles. Her superheroic credits include DC Comics’ Batwoman and DC Bombshells, as well as stints on Batgirl and Lois Lane, and Marvel’s A-Force, Years of Future Past, and Angela: Queen of Hel. At Archie, she writes Josie and the Pussycats and Betty & Veronica, and her creator-owned titles, Animosity and Insexts, can be found through Aftershock Comics. Her prose has appeared in The Secret Loves of Geek Girls. Her work is full of queer characters, heroines, villainesses, talking animals, bloody revenge sagas, female monsters, murder, and kissing.