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Monsters and Protectors

Monsters and Protectors

A free Monsters of the Midway comic book with the purchase of the newest sixth issue of The Protectors.  

In sixth issue of The Protectors, Isaac and The Protectors work to fine tune their craft. They are alerted to a new potential ally. Decisive action must be taken. Meanwhile, the Dissenters are secretly plotting and planning their next move.

The Monsters of the Midway comic book is a limited-edition, collectible that Comic-Con attendees will not be able to get anywhere else.  

Price: $5

Killer Unicorn is High On The Hog in Shed Of The Dead

Killer Unicorn is High On The Hog in Shed Of The Dead

Drag Queens, D&D nerds and Femme Fatales are this year’s theme to add to your swag bag.   

The collection continues into 2019 as Indican Pictures releases 3 limited-edition pins from upcoming new film releases for Killer Unicorn, Shed Of The Dead and High On The Hog.  

Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, BibleGirl666, Rify Royalty, Michael Berryman, Ruby Roo, Kane Hodder,  Joe Estevez, Chris Jehnert, Merrie Cherry and Brian Blessed are featured film favorites in this free give-a-way.

These exclusive collectible buttons will only be given to 2019 Comic-con attendees.

Price: $0