Reclaiming Indigenous History and Culture Through Comics | Comic-Con@Home

This video will begin at Friday, July 24, 2020, 10:00 PDT.



For hundreds of years, the history of the indigenous peoples of the Americas has been told by everyone but themselves, by people who often diminished and distorted it, and even suppressed their cultures and languages. Thankfully, this situation is changing, with indigenous peoples increasingly reclaiming their history, languages, and cultures. Comics and such visual technologies as augmented and virtual reality are ideal tools being used to accomplish this. Join our panelists Johnny Bear Contreras (Kumeyaay, public artist), Kilma Lattin (Pala Band, founder of, and Chag Lowry (Yurok/Maidu/Achumawi, graphic novelist) as they discuss their projects to reclaim indigenous history and culture.

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