Aztec Depictions in Pop Culture: 500 Years After the Fall | Comic-Con@Home

This video will begin at Sunday, July 26, 2020, 01:00 PDT.



The Aztec Empire fell to Spanish invaders 500 years ago. It's a true story that shaped the world we live in and yet is still widely misunderstood. Panelists will talk about how they use elements of Mexican history in their stories and how our understanding of that history has evolved. With author and Nahuatl translator David Bowles (Rise of the Halfling King), video game writer/director Javier Rayón and historian Mario Fuente (Dream of Darkness), animation director Flora Alexandra Rees-Arredondo (Malinchista), graphic novel creator Paul Guinan (Aztec Empire), and author Anina Bennett (Boilerplate).

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