Sailor Moon: The Power of Female Friendship | Comic-Con@Home

This video will begin at Saturday, July 25, 2020, 03:00 PDT.



When Naoko Takeuchi created Sailor Moon, she never knew it would be so popular. Takeuchi was lonely and the idea of Sailor Moon came about as female friends that she wishes that she could have. With her soul reflected in her work, it spoke to fandom as many others understood the feeling that she had. Sailor Moon expanded into anime, video games, merchandise, and became one of the major icons of Japan. Join in on a discussion with Jessica Tseang (comic book historian), Michelle Ruff (voice of Luna-Sailor Moon: Crystal), Kate Higgins (voice of Sailor Mercury-Sailor Moon: Crystal), Amanda Celine Miller (voice of Sailor Jupiter-Sailor Moon: Crystal), Sam Maggs (writer Captain Marvel, Unstoppable Wasp: Built on Hope), and Chris Bryant (activist, comedian: Netflix's Cooking on High, Amazon's Out on Stage) on what is it about this franchise that continues to survive today, and still speaks to the hearts of fans (women and LGBT) and bringing in a new generation.