Create Your Own

Create Your Own Comic-Con@Home Experience

Do you miss the feeling of being physically at Comic-Con with over 135,000 of your closest friends? Do you yearn for the days of navigating your way through the San Diego Convention Center? Will your summer not be complete without a security guard telling you "the end of the line is that way"? Chin up buddy, we've got ya covered!

Using the downloadable content below, we encourage you to create your own Comic-Con@Home experience, without ever leaving your abode. Print yourself a badge, turn your bedroom into Ballroom 20, revel in the exhilarating sound of "The Exhibit Hall is Now Open", and show off your creative skills by shooting a short video of your fabulous creation. Our favorite videos will be featured on Comic-Con's official Instagram story, and/or Twitter account. 


  • Submit on Twitter or Instagram between Tuesday, July 14 and Thursday, July 23 to be eligible
  • Challenge ends on Thursday, July 23 at 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time
  • Selected videos will be posted on our social media channels during Comic-Con@Home
  • You must use the #ComicConAtHomeExperience hashtag and tag us in your post. If submitting via Instagram, be sure to post to your feed (not just in your stories!) and make your account public so we can see your submission
  • 1-minute time limit
  • Videos must be family friendly. No offensive language. No nude or lewd images
  • You must be wearing a print-at-home Comic-Con@Home badge to be eligible

By submitting a video with the hashtag #ComicConAtHomeExperience to Instagram or Twitter, you agree to let the San Diego Comic Convention (Comic-Con) post your video and social media handle on our social media channels for no financial compensation. Selected participants may not seek compensation for any videos submitted. Comic-Con reserves the right to disqualify and/or remove any inappropriate art, photos, videos, or writing containing the Comic-Con name as is deemed necessary. Not all entries will be selected.

Print-at-Home Badges

It just wouldn't feel like Comic-Con without a badge to wear while accessing everything it has to offer! This year all you have to do is download the appropriate badge below, sponsored by Amazon Prime Video, and don't forget to visit Amazon Virtual-Con during your @Home experience. Amazon Virtual-Con will include curated events and experiences that amplify the spirit of Comic-Con@Home. 

Download your preferred badge type below (PDF), print at 100% scale, and write your name in the box to the right of our logo (printer settings may vary). PRO TIP: If you still have a badge holder from a previous year, you can slip your printed Comic-Con@Home badge right in. Be sure not to leave your pets out, we have a badge for them too!






NEW! Pets

Comic-Con@Home Door/Window Sign

As we all know, doing anything at home isn't without its distractions. That's why we have created a convenient sign for you to hang in your window or on your door to let others know to "Please knock quietly, I'm watching a panel!"

CLICK HERE to download your "Currently Attending Comic-Con@Home 2020" sign to display so you're not disturbed!

San Diego Convention Center Signs

Show your housemates where the front of the line is, take a stab at streamlining your own in-house badge pick-up, and create multiple panel-watching spaces with our downloadable Comic-Con@Home signs below! This will be an exclusive opportunity to check out everything Comic-Con has to offer, no matter how many days you attend. Don't forget to fuel up at your pantry concession stand and tap your badge as you enter and exit each area. We can't wait to see what you put together!

Visit these areas to pick up your essentials!

Never got a chance to check out the Art Show, see the masterful designs at the Masquerade, or visit the gaming tables? Now's your chance!

There is plenty of virtual content to watch as you settle in to your favorite panel rooms!

Give yourself exclusive front-of-the-line privileges into the Exhibit Hall this year, you've earned it! 

Let's not forget these two essential locations for survival.

Hall H Announcements

Can Hall H really be complete without our overhead announcements of safety tips and instructions? Check out our audio clips below to seriously enhance your Comic-Con@Home experience!

"Welcome to Comic-Con International!"


"If you are entering the room for the first time, please walk to your seats. No running. Please fill all seats. Do not hold seats for other people or place items on the seats next to you."


"Food is available in the secure Hall H lobby. If you leave the Hall H lobby, you will have to wait in line to re-enter."


Exhibit Hall Announcements

Don't miss out on the anticipation that builds when the Exhibit Hall is about to open! Play these audio clips below to relive that feeling. And feel free to leave your virtual Exhibit Hall open all night, security won't stop you!

"The Exhibit Hall will be opening momentarily."


"The Exhibit Hall is now open to attendees. Have a great Comic-Con!"


"Thank you for attending Comic-Con! The Exhibit Hall is now closed. The Exhibit Hall will open again tomorrow at 9:30 AM. Don't forget to check the programming schedule for exciting night-time programs."


Reminiscent Video Clips

Miss the smiles from staff? Directions from security guards? Instructions to tap your badge? Use any or all of these short clips to complete your Create Your Own Comic-Con@Home Experience submission.


Got Snacks?

While you're planning out your Comic-Con@Home routine, don't forget to set some time aside to stop by our Comic-Con@Home ConSuite and take a break between panels. You'll find familiar recipes from some of your favorite Comic-Con vendors!

Click HERE to visit the ConSuite!