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Our decision to hold an in-person event in 2021 was driven by several factors. Our primary hope was to finally be able to gather in person as a community, something we have not been able to do since 2019. Another was to try to determine how best to safely produce events in light of current health concerns with the least negative impact on attendees.

With current COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, Comic-Con Special Edition is not intended to be the large gathering reflective of the summer event. Reduced in attendance, shorter in the number of days, and purposefully smaller in scope, this convention is meant to be a more intimate gathering while still evoking the fun community feeling our conventions are known for, including great exhibits, programs, cosplay, gaming, and other events, but also addressing the desire from fans to have an in-person show. If that weren’t enough, while your friends may be out battling the crowds on Black Friday, you can enjoy your very own Fannish Friday Shopping at Special Edition.

Long-time attendees may find some aspects of Special Edition to be reminiscent of our convention from years past. Halls G and H, for example, will be the staging area for Attendee Registration,  and with the exception of some events at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, the majority of Special Edition will be held within the walls of the San Diego Convention Center.

While open to all and with the hope that we will be able to accommodate fans from all over, we understand that due to potential travel-based restrictions and other challenges, Comic-Con Special Edition may be an event attended mostly by those more easily able to travel to San Diego. However, regardless of where you come from, this will be our first opportunity to gather together to experience the community we have all been missing and we are excited to see you again.

Of course, the effects of the pandemic have been challenging in many ways not only for our organization but also for others within the popular arts and culture community, including the delay of our planned construction on and opening of the Comic-Con Museum in 2020. The good news is we are very excited that in conjunction with Special Edition is the limited opening of the Comic-Con Museum on Friday, November 26, 2021, and we look forward to the grand opening scheduled in July of 2022.

We could not have done any of this without you, and we are grateful for your continued support. We truly hope you will be able to join us this Thanksgiving weekend, and we look forward to once again spending time with friends after so much time apart as we enter back into the world of in-person celebrations of the community we so love.

Thank you!



At all San Diego Comic Convention events, the health and safety of our stakeholders are our main priorities, and because of this we have implemented new policies and protocols based on state and local health guidelines, and we continue to closely monitor health recommendations as we prepare for Comic-Con Special Edition on November 26-28, 2021, at the San Diego Convention Center. We will continue to update these guidelines as they are available, so be sure to check this page often for the most up-to-date protocols.

In addition to following current healthcare and governmental guidelines, everyone attending Comic-Con Special Edition will be required to wear an approved face covering regardless of vaccination status. Face coverings should completely cover the nose and mouth, fit snugly against the sides of the face, and not have any gaps. For more information and requirements on acceptable face coverings, please click here.

In addition to wearing an approved face covering, you will be required to provide verification of full COVID-19 vaccination status or proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken on or after Tuesday, November 23, 2021. Click here for more information. SDCC reserves the right to modify requirements or limits for attending or participating in Activities.

Please note: these policies apply to all attendee groups, including but not limited to exhibitors, guests, staff, press, professionals, volunteers, and cosplayers.

Please be aware that adjustments may need to be made to policies and guidelines during the event in order to ensure the health and safety of all attendee groups, so we ask that everyone please follow the directions on informational signage and from all staff.

For specific information concerning the convention center policies please visit the San Diego Convention Center.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is another great resource and we encourage you to visit this site often for up-to-date information on preventative measures.

We are excited to gather again after such a long time apart. But we want to be sure everyone who attends is as safe as possible.  We will continue to update our website as new information becomes available.

We look forward to seeing you at Comic-Con Special Edition in November.