Comic-Con Special Edition

Comic-Con Special Edition will feature some amazing exhibitor exclusives! The always popular Funko exhibitor exclusives will be available only through our new on-site wristbanding process. In the Exhibit Hall, will have designated tables where wristbands will be randomly distributed by Comic-Con Special Edition staff using our new Cubes of Deciding.

If the Cube is generous, the participating attendee will receive a randomly selected timeslot so that they can purchase exclusive merchandise from that exhibitor. If not, then the attendee can get back in line as many times as they like until they are selected or we run out of wristbands.

If you aren’t selected, you can come back the next day and try again!

The lines for the wristband giveaways are located in Hall A. The Cubes of Deciding will open and wristband distribution will begin when the Exhibit Hall opens each morning, Friday through Sunday. There is no need to hurry (remember there is no running in the hall) since the timeslots will be distributed in a random order. We suggest you to line up in front of of Lobby A (on the walkway outside the glass entry doors) in the morning to participate in the random selection process. You must have completed your COVID verification and picked up your badge prior to lining up outside of Lobby A. 

If you are selected to purchase an exhibitor exclusive, please remember:

  • You cannot line up to purchase the product prior to your timeslot
  • Timeslots do not guarantee product availability
  • Timeslots are non-transferable

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Comic-Con Special Edition
Only available in China and exclusively at Comic-Con Special Edition!

Comic-Con Special Edition