Ace Parking will be running the same lottery process for Comic-Con Special Edition that they did for Comic-Con 2019. The lottery registration opened October 19, 2021 and closed Thursday, October 28.

On Monday, November 1, the system opened to the people in group one only. Each week thereafter the system will open to the next group until all groups have had a chance to purchase their parking permits. At the end of the group sales, the system will open to the general public.

Each group will have a full week to purchase their parking permits. In 2019, there were still plenty of permits available in the system when it opened to the general public. Everyone that participated in the lottery was able to get a permit for parking. We cannot guarantee a spot at any particular location and some locations are a lot more popular than others, however, all locations are within easy walking distance of the San Diego Convention Center.

If you have any questions, please send them to or click here to read the Ace Parking FAQ.

Comic-Con does not receive any revenue from the sale of these parking stalls, nor has any input on how the parking stalls are allocated or what rates are charged. This service is provided entirely by the parking companies themselves.