SAM Registration Information

SAM: Storytelling Across Media


We know you’re excited about our upcoming symposium, SAM: Storytelling Across Media, so here are a few notes about the event you’ll need to know.

You may register online for SAM panels at starting Thursday, October 11. Check back on the blog for more updates and the full schedule for SAM. Tickets for each panel are limited to one ticket per person; however, you may register for as many panels as you’d like. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please keep in mind that some panel times overlap, and since seating is very limited, you will not be allowed to attend concurrent panels. Be sure to look at the start and end times, and register for the ones you want to see most. Registering for concurrent panels will not guarantee you a seat in either panel.

Unlike Comic-Con International and WonderCon, we will be clearing rooms between panels. Registered ticket holders will be allowed to enter the room first. Tickets will be available for pickup at the museum starting at 11AM the day of the event.

Please pick up your tickets no later than 15 minutes prior to the panel start time. Empty seats at the start of the panel will be filled by the standby seating line.

Please note: there is limited disabled seating in the panel rooms. If you have any ADA requirements, please email the programming department at prior to the week of the event to ensure we can accommodate you.

If parking at Balboa Park is limited, you can park in the Inspiration Point lot, on the East side of Park Boulevard, and wait for the Tram. For more information on parking, please visit

 SAM: Storytelling Across Media on Nov. 3 at the Comic-Con Museum