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Romeo Tanghal Sr.

Romeo Tanghal Sr.

Self-portrait by Romeo Tanghal Sr.

Tanghal Sr.

Inker, New Teen Titans

Romeo Tanghal Sr. is a self-taught artist who has worked his entire comic book career as an inker. He was one of the original team that launched The New Teen Titans and made it one of the bestselling books for DC Comics. He also worked on such titles as Green Lantern, Icon, Super Friends, Scalphunter, Gravedigger, Captain Atom, Solar, Fantastic Four, Conan, and many more. He is currently working on publishing his own art book that will feature all his paintings, illustrations, sketches, and portraiture. Recently, he started appearing at comic conventions to meet his fans, sign autograph, sell artwork, and accept commissions. His original artwork can be viewed on his blog,