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The Comic-Con Museum is thrilled to announce PAC-MAN as the 2nd inductee into the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame.

Comic-Con Museum present PAC-MAN

History of PAC-MAN

The Comic-Con Museum is thrilled to announce PAC-MAN as the second inductee into the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame.

Born in 1980 and widely considered the original digital game mascot, PAC-MAN made a profound impact on the video game industry, the role of storytelling in games, and popular culture as a whole.

For an entire generation, PAC-MAN ignited a love of video and arcade games.  Those of us who were there for the start of PAC-MAN remember going to the arcade and lining up for a chance to play while our friends stood around and cheered on. We were able to connect with PAC-MAN on an emotional level in a way we hadn’t with other video game characters.

For the generations that followed, PAC-MAN is an icon and one of the most widely recognized images on the planet. He plays a significant role in the history of video games, and his presence continues to pervade not only in the game industry but in all areas of popular culture today including fashion, film, food, music, and art.

By honoring PAC-MAN we pay homage to digital creators and the vision and values that inspire them. PAC-MAN’s creator, Toru Iwatani, had no training as a designer or programmer, but he had a powerful vision. A true pioneer and champion for inclusivity, Iwatani aimed to design a game that would appeal to female players. With the creation of PAC-MAN, Iwatani helped to open the doors of the gaming industry to include all players while also helping creators to understand the opportunity they have to not only make a fun game, but to make a positive impact as well.

As we reflect on 40 years of PAC-MAN, we are grateful for his contributions to popular culture, for the many decades of fun he has provided to us all, and we look forward to what he will bring us in the future.

Please join us as we celebrate PAC-MAN and his many accomplishments during the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame Virtual Induction Ceremony on December 17, 2020.

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Event Information

When we look at the landscape of pop culture, characters are at its core. To honor these timeless icons who have made a significant impact on popular culture, we introduced the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame (MCHOF). Characters inducted into the MCHOF will be a cornerstone of the Comic-Con Museum visitor experience where fans can celebrate their favorite characters yearround.

In 2019 our inaugural inductee was Batman, who was celebrated with great fanfare by more than 1,300 guests at the ceremony. The 2020 induction ceremony will take place virtually with the potential of engaging many thousands more in the celebration.

On December 17, 2020, from 4:00 – 6:00 PM PST we will celebrate the induction of PAC-MAN into the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame and hope you will join us in the festivities!

Please join us.


Sponsoring the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame 2020 Virtual Induction provides invaluable opportunities for visibility, fan engagement, distinction, and fun!

Our 2019 induction ceremony provided a platform for our supporters to connect with thousands of fans in person and millions of social media followers, all sharing a love and interest in celebrating our hero inductee, Batman.

This year’s virtual induction will enable supporters even greater reach as we extend programming into homes around the globe.

Multiple sponsorship and collaboration opportunities are available including:

  • Virtual Exhibits or Activations
  • Virtual Games and Contests
  • Online Entertainment
  • Museum@Home Activities

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Previous MCHOF Inductees

Batman animation overlooking city

DC LOGO, BATMAN: TM & © DC. Jim Lee.

DC logo

In July of 2019, Batman, DC’s iconic Super Hero, was honored as the inaugural inductee into the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame.

As part of the induction ceremony, Jim Lee, DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer, summed up why Batman is so deserving of the honor.

“Batman is very real. The core of Batman, the qualities that made him endure from generation to generation is as true to life as it gets. Batman is an inspiration that makes us believe that it’s possible to take any hardship and forge it into something good. Batman is real in every person who summons the strength and resilience to keep going, and that my friends is a superpower.”

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