Cardboard Superheroes – Teachers Edition!


Pop Culture STEAM Curriculum

THURSDAY, FEB. 25, 2021

Cardboard Superheroes – Teachers Edition!

Attention educators! Looking for a way to infuse some extra fun into the classroom? Check out Cardboard Superheroes – Teachers Edition!

The brand-new Pop Culture STEAM Curriculum builds Next Generation Science Standards onto our love for iconic characters. Each hands-on lesson is designed to enhance student creativity while helping develop artistic skills, math comprehension, basic engineering and architecture techniques, design processes, and even inspire future career paths. Over the course of 10 tutorials, students will build mini-cardboard models such as Captain America’s Shield, Wall-E, and more. For teachers, each model will include pre-recorded video instruction, PDF templates, student worksheets, reference images, and teacher guides. To see a more detailed overview of the curriculum, download the Guide and Overview here.

Ready to get started? We sure are!