Cardboard Superheroes Video Tutorial #1: Wall-E!

Wall-E Cardboard Superhero


Cardboard Superheroes Video Tutorial #1: Wall-E!

You saw them at December Nights. You watched them during WonderCon@Home. And now, back by popular demand with all new “how-tos” are the Cardboard Superheroes! Each week throughout the summer, Connor and Bauer Lee (co-founders) will lead us through a video tutorial on how to make miniature models of some of our favorite pop culture icons using typical household items.

Updated each Thursday here on the Comic-Con Museum@Home page, fellow makers will find instructions for building that week’s superhero along with a free printable template and tutorial video.

Join us this week as we create our first mini-model... Wall-E!

We encourage you to post your finished works of art and tag @comicconmuseum and @cardboardsuperheroes for a chance to be featured on our social media!

Cardboard Superheroes is a non-profit that holds free workshops promoting the arts in response to funding cuts in schools. Cardboard Superheroes provides an alternative that is free and fun for kids.