Cardboard Superheroes Video Tutorial #10: Fortnite Llama (aka Fred)

Comic-Con Museum@Home Presents Cardboard Superheroes


Cardboard Superheroes Video Tutorial #10: Fortnite Llama (aka Fred)

Meet Fred. Fred is an evasive Llama best known for providing Fortnite players with loot and other supplies to help win the game. We have great news! The Cardboard Superheroes have identified Fred’s location and cleared the path, so you won’t need to set traps, build forts, or create cover to get your hands-on him. Follow the links below as Connor and Bauer show us how to make our own Loot Llama in our last Summer 2020 Edition of Cardboard Superheroes.

We would also like to extend our sincerest thanks to Connor and Bauer for giving us something fun, creative and educational to do at home these last ten weeks! Please join us in thanking our favorite Cardboard Superheroes and wishing them the best of luck in the new school year.

Don’t forget to post your finished works of art with the @comicconmuseum & @cardboardsuperheroes tags for a chance to be featured on our social media!

Cardboard Superheroes is a non-profit that holds free workshops promoting the arts in response to funding cuts in schools. Cardboard Superheroes provides an alternative that is free and fun for kids.


Comic-Con Museum@Home Fun Book #12
Fun Book 12: Villains!

Get your fluffy white cat and set your playlist to ominous because this week’s Fun Book is all about your favorite Villains! From a Word Play testing your how quickly you can find the listed villains from popular TV shows and films to a pathfinder adventure following a M-W-U-H-A-H-A to lead your villain to a plan to take over the world, there’s no shortage of mischief and mayhem in this week’s Fun Book activities and games! Once completed, send photos of your activity sheets and drawings to for a chance to be featured on our social media!

Click here to download Fun Book 12!