February 2022 Educational Series

February 2022 Educational Series

THURSDAY, FEB. 17, 2022

February 2022 Educational Series

This month we explore lessons from The Expanse that can be used in the classroom and in life to help us become our best selves

Being Your Best Protomolecule! Lessons for the Classroom from The Expanse • https://youtu.be/o6-HgJQ6bGI

In the James S.A. Corey book series The Expanse, now an Amazon Prime Video show of the same name, the protomolecule is a relentless cosmic entity that changes everything it touches, yet its origins and intentions are unknown. Faced with such a powerful force of change, the story’s characters teach us why life’s hard-earned assumptions are so important, as well as how they can become blinders if we refuse to check them. Join Dark Loops Productions “The Expanse Crew” for a lively, psychological, philosophical, fan-based discussion of how we can all face change by working to be our best protomolecule. Panelists include: Kelsey Williams, a.k.a. Sistah K (Sistah Speak Productions/indie film maker), Jennifer Williams a.k.a. Sistah J (Sistah Speak Productions/author), Dr. Leandra Parris (William & Mary), and moderated by Dr. J. Scott Jordan (Illinois State University, Dark Loops Productions).