Gaming Creator Connection

Gaming Creator Connection at SAM 2019, Saturday, Oct. 26 at the Comic-Con Museum
Gaming Creator Connection at SAM 2019

SAM 2019 presented by Comic-Con is a FREE event, but participation in the Gaming Creator Connection is limited. Advance online registration is encouraged.

Gaming Creator Connection Sign-ups

Here’s how it works: From 4:00–6:00 PM, participants will have around 15-20 minutes to speak with a mentor and will be able to rotate between mentors in their field of interest to maximize the amount of feedback.

Applications are now open for individuals who would like to participate in the Gaming Creator Connection (GCC). Please email the following information to for a chance to participate. Please note that if you don’t pre-register, we may not be able to seat you.

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Primary field of interest* (pick one): Art/Design, Writing, Business
  • Are you currently a student? Yes/No
  • Are you currently working in the game industry in any capacity? Yes/No
  • Primary mentoring goal; i.e. what specifically do you hope to learn from the mentors?

*While we will likely have professionals with backgrounds in other areas beyond these three (e.g., programming, localization, etc.), we can’t guarantee their availability.

Send us your details and we will send you back a confirmation email. Once confirmed for pre-registration, pick up your complimentary badge at the Program Participant Desk in the lobby of the Comic-Con Museum by 3:30 PM on Saturday, October 26.

There will also be onsite registration for the GCC, but space will depend on how many pre-registered participants show up.