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Welcome to SAM@Home, the 2020 edition of SAM: Storytelling Across Media, presented by Comic-Con International. This year’s event includes 14 online panels featured on the Comic-Con Channel on YouTube.Com, and a watch-along movie featured on Scener. Look for the SAM Discord Server during the event at There you will find discussion rooms following the panels, a Lobby for general conversation about Storytelling, and even a Gaming channel offering role playing adventures.

The panels listed below will become available on Saturday, Oct. 24, at the times listed. Just click on the link in the title and enjoy or bookmark them to watch later!

11:00 Spotlight on Jim Lee •

DC Entertainment chief creative officer-publisher Jim Lee (Batman, Justice League, Superman Unchained) talks about the journey from page to screen and sketches your favorite characters live on the big screen in this engaging panel. Watch the creative process first-hand and learn what brings DC Entertainment's characters to life. Don’t forget to check out the SAM Discord Server following the panel for a live Q&A with Jim Lee himself!

11:00 Licensing Works: The Winchester House •

Since tours began in 1923, more than 13 million people from around the world have toured the lonely hallways, dark passages, and ornate rooms of the Winchester Mystery House. It has intrigued visitors, scholars, and media from throughout the United States, and around the globe with its combination of the beautiful and the bizarre, its story of heartbreak, tenacity and invention, and its legends of the paranormal. Join Walter Magnuson, general manager of the Winchester Mystery House, to learn how storytelling, brand management, and atmosphere have shaped the guest experience at one of America’s most-celebrated haunted mansions.

12:00 Spotlight on Marc Guggenheim •

Writer Marc Guggenheim (Arrow, DC Legends of Tomorrow) and moderator Russ Burlingame ( discuss the differences, similarities, and challenges of writing for television, movies, and comic books.

12:00 Storytelling Through Film Editing •

Beth Accomando (KPBS Cinema Junkie podcast host) interviews ACE (American Cinema Editor) film editors Paul Machliss, Tatiana S. Riegel, and Stephen Mirrione to explore the art and craft of film editing. An editor can change performance as well as impact the pace and structure of a film. Don't miss this opportunity to get insights into how film editors influence cinematic storytelling.

1:00 Storytelling in Comics •

Jessica Tseang (international comics historian, Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics on AMC) discusses with Agnes Garbowska (multi-award-winning artist for DC Comics, and IDW Publishing ), Brandon Easton (multi-award-winning writer, Marvel Comics: Marvel Action Spider-Man, IDW: Transformers Galaxies, Judge Dredd False Witness), and Jeffrey Veregge (award-winning pop culture artist, Marvel Comics: Marvel's Voices: Indigenous Voices), the creative process for unforgettable story arcs, creating diverse stories, and advice for those who wish to be part of the comics industry in the future.

1:00 Spotlight on Matt Forbeck •

Matt Forbeck has been a full-time creator since 1989, designing tabletop games and writing novels, comics, encyclopedias, video games, and more for companies like Marvel, Ubisoft, Wizards of the Coast, and Microsoft, all while helping raise five kids, including a set of quadruplets. Come see his eldest son Marty Forbeck interview him about his process and his work.

2:00 Creating The Drops of God: An Intimate Interview •

The Drops of God is the worldwide phenomenon that marries wine & manga together for a thrilling and enlightening story that introduces you to the depths of the wine world. This is also a manga series currently available to read digitally via comiXology Originals through comiXology and Kindle! Join Wine Spectator 's Ben O'Donnell and Kodansha USA Publishing’s Misaki Kido as they host an intimate conversation with Shin and Yuko Kibayashi, the master connoisseurs and writing team behind the critically acclaimed manga! Dive into this wide-reaching conversation on the creative process of manga, sibling collaboration, and of course wine! It’s a panel for every wine or manga aficionado!

The Drops of God Giveaway! Enter for a chance to win volumes 1-33 on comiXology! (Offer ends November 7, 2020)


2:00 Storytelling and Tabletop Games •

Jon Cohn (game designer), Sen-Foong Lim (game designer), Matt Forbeck (author), Elisa Teague (game designer), Banana Chan (game designer) have created games that tell epic stories full of adventure, intrigue, and excitement. Hear from these game industry veterans as they share how stories can be told on the tabletop from board games to role-playing games.

3:00 Author Storytelling •

Curiosity, creativity, craft, and compulsion. Authors discuss what makes a story capture their interest, and how they cultivate that idea to engage and enthuse readers, in stories spanning contemporary romance, historical romance, urban fantasy, epic fantasy, and the finite life of the universe. Join Annabeth Albert (Conventionally Yours), Dr. Katie Mack (The End of Everything), Bethany C. Morrow (A Song Below Water), Diana Quincy (Her Night with the Duke), and Rebecca Roanhorse (Black Sun) in conversation with Maryelizabeth Yturralde (Creating Conversations).

  • Annabeth Albert: Instagram: @annabeth_albert • Twitter: @AnnabethAlbert
  • Dr. Katie Mack: Instagram: @astrokatiemack • Twitter: @AstroKatie
  • Bethany C. Morrow: Instagram: @bcmorrow • Twitter: @BCMorrow
  • Diana Quincy: Instagram: @diana_quincy_author •   Twitter: @Diana_Quincy
  • Rebecca Roanhorse:  Instagram: @rebeccaroanhorse • Twitter: @RoanhorseBex
  • Maryelizabeth Yturralde: Instagram: @meakamcy •Twitter: @MeH_not_meh

3:00 SAM Squared: Spotlight on Sam Maggs •

Bestselling writer of books (The Unstoppable Wasp: Built on Hope), comics (Marvel Action: Captain Marvel) and video games (Marvel's Spider-Man), Sam Maggs sits down with Marvel Press editor Megan Logan for a one-on-one interview and Q&A session about comic book characters, writing between mediums, and what it's like to be a professional nerd.

4:00 Storytelling with Behind-The-Camera Creatives •

Step into a virtual television set with a variety of leading creatives and talented department heads working behind-the-camera of your favorite television shows and films! Learn how creatives bring a script to life and how television shows get made in this special SAM panel! Featuring director Kabir Akhtar (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Never Have I Ever), composer Leo Birenberg (Cobra Kai, Pen15), costume designer Laura Cristina Ortiz (Synchronic, The Wretched), founder and CEO of Chicken Bone VFX Johnny Renzulli (Westworld, Godless), cinematographer Bertie Gregory (Seven Worlds, One Planet), hairstylist Rhonda O’Neal (Founder of Beyond the Combs Academy), and director Andrew McNally of Lucan Studio (Isaura). Moderated by actor and content creator Chris Villain.

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4:00 Storytelling and Games on Twitch •

Malika Eubank (CEO of Hyper RPG), Markeia McCarty (Twitch producer), Ash Minnick (event producer), Becca Scott (Twitch host), Eric Campbell (Twitch producer) have told amazing stories and built fantastic series on Twitch through role-playing games. Listen to this group of professional game masters share what goes into creating these epic stories and how Twitch has given a rise to role-playing games and the tabletop RPG community.

5:00 Storytelling with Music and Sound for TV •

Experts in the audio field dive into their work for film and television! Watch as they discuss their creative process for hit projects, and the importance of sound and music in immersing you in your favorite story worlds. Featuring composers Sherri Chung (Riverdale, Batwoman), Robert ToTeras (Sugar Rush), Steve Pardo of SkewSound (Signs of the Sojourner video game), Carla Patullo (Fangoria's Porno, Lotte that Silhouette Girl), re-recording mix technician Annlie Huang (Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel), Roman Molino Dunn (Huracán), and ADR mixer Miguel Araujo (Lovecraft Country, The Old Guard)! Moderated by the founder of Film.Music.Media, Kaya Savas. Share your thoughts using the hashtags: #SAMSoundAndMusic

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5:00 Storytelling for Kids •

Everyone remembers their favorite comic as a kid, the one that held a special place in their heart. Kids are discovering that joy every day as they delve into the current treasure trove of comics for the young, and let’s be honest, the young at heart as well. What makes a kids’ comic great? How do you get kids excited about comics? How do you create stories aimed for this specific audience? Learn all this and more from esteemed creators Victoria Ying (City of Secrets), Stephanie Cooke (Oh My Gods!), Lilah Sturges (Girl Haven), Meggie Ramm (Teaching Kids Comics), and Sarah Kuhn (Shadow of the Batgirl). Moderated by Laura Jones (operations and programming coordinator for Comic-Con International: San Diego).

6:00 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Watch Along •

KPBS Cinema Junkie Podcaster Beth Accomando screens of Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. Plus enjoy a special introduction by the film's editor Paul Machliss, who is currently editing Wright's new film Last Night in Soho. He discusses the film's creative storytelling and how it tried to bring a comic book sensibility to the screen. You can also participate in a live chat during the film with Beth and other attendees.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Screener on Scener

You’ll need a Netflix account and the Chrome browser on your computer or laptop. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • 1. Go to in your Chrome browser and log in.
  • 2. Go to in your Chrome browser and follow directions to “Get Scener” and add extension.
  • 3. Go to and click “Log in” to create an account, or log in to your previously created account.
  • 4. When the event is live go to and click "Join Party."

After the Panels on Discord

Look for the SAM Discord Server during the event at There you will find discussion rooms following the panels, a Lobby for general conversation about Storytelling, even a Gaming channel offering role playing adventures.