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#02: WonderCon Anaheim Exhibit Hall Do’s and Don’ts

WonderCon Anaheim 2019 Toucan Tips

Welcome to this year’s edition of “Exhibit Hall Do’s and Don’ts!” We’re back with another helpful list of tips and tricks to help you navigate our giant Exhibit Hall and enjoy a safe WonderCon Anaheim 2019. Our complete list of Exhibitors at WCA is now online … click here to access our introductory 2019 Toucan Tip and scroll down to the Exhibitors and Exhibit Hall Map section.

DO! Know what a Floor Manager is, and how to spot them

WonderCon Anaheim’s Exhibit Hall is a vibrant and exciting place. However, keeping it safe and organized requires a dedicated crew of people. WonderCon Anaheim Floor Managers are those people! Look for tan polos or white button-down shirts, with the Comic-Con logo. Floor Managers are there so we can all safely enjoy WonderCon Anaheim. Please don’t hesitate to ask them questions, but also remember to comply with their instructions!

DO! Take advantage of the lobby to get places faster

Want to get to the other side of the Exhibit Hall, and get there fast? Use the lobby! It’s less crowded than the Exhibit Hall and is a tried-and-true method to find your bearings if you’re lost.

DO! Look around when getting in line for a purchase, autograph, etc.

Does that line look too short to be true? Look around for clues! Chances are, the line has been “broken” and continues across the aisle for safety purposes. Floor Managers will be nearby directing convention-goers around the break toward the end of the actual line.

DO! Ask permission before taking someone’s picture

WonderCon Anaheim is a great place to enjoy the detailed cosplay our attendees work so hard on. However, it’s a good idea to take a few seconds and double-check it’s ok to take someone’s picture. Keep it courteous! Once you’ve asked permission and have snapped the perfect photo, please be sure to clear the aisle quickly to allow your fellow attendees a chance to create their own perfect Kodak moment.

DO! Be aware of backpacks and poster tubes

Sometimes backpacks can be filled to the brim with an excellent haul, and we can all appreciate a well-packaged poster. Make sure your backpacks and poster tubes aren’t negatively impacting the experience of other attendees. Keep an eye on your personal items to avoid knocking over displays or hurting someone (especially the wee kiddos who might be eye-level with the bottoms of bags).

DO! Check out the aisle sign markers hanging from the rafters

Aisle sign markers are great tools to help you figure out where you are in the Exhibit Hall, especially if you use the Exhibit Hall map found in the center of the WonderCon 2019 Program Book. They are also useful for remembering where certain booths are that you’d like to revisit later. Make sure to note whether the booth is toward the front, middle, or back of the Exhibit Hall when jotting down aisle sign markers!

DO! Keep to your right

We all know the Exhibit Hall can get crowded. To help alleviate aisle congestion, keep to your right to help traffic flow and prevent bottlenecks and potential safety hazards. You might even hear a Floor Manager reminding attendees of this “Exhibit Hall Do” to make sure everyone’s experience is enjoyable.

DON’T! Attempt retail sales unless you have exhibit space

Retail sales are prohibited unless you have been allocated, or purchased, WonderCon Anaheim exhibit space. Such sales may not be facilitated in any WonderCon Anaheim convention site, including but not limited to: programming rooms, Exhibit Hall aisles and lounges, lobbies, outdoor Anaheim Convention Center grounds, and the Hilton Anaheim (our headquarters hotel).

DON’T! Use Segways, hover boards, rolling carts, or double-wide strollers

We know, we know! Segways and hover boards are awesome, and rolling carts are useful. But we want to keep the Exhibit Hall safe for everyone, so please leave those doodads at home. Only WonderCon Anaheim exhibitors are permitted to use rolling carts during specified hours.

Double-wide strollers are also awesome and useful. However, for safety purposes, we ask you don’t bring them as they are not permitted in the Exhibit Hall. For your convenience, there is stroller parking at the Anaheim Convention Center.

DON’T! Run in the programming rooms, lobby, Exhibit Hall, or outside the Anaheim Convention Center

Even if you’re just trying to get to your favorite panel or exhibitor, running risks your safety, the safety of others, and having your badge taken away (AKA being removed from the event). Just don’t do it!

DON’T! Cluster in the aisles and common areas

WonderCon Anaheim has a lot of great merchandise and amazing talent in attendance. Many of our attendees wish to purchase that “must have” item or get that famous signature. Because of this, we must make sure lines for such things are organized in the safest way possible. Clustering in the aisles and common areas creates safety hazards and traffic jams. Floor Managers will set and manage lines throughout the Exhibit Hall to prevent such congestion. Please follow their directions at all times!

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