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#06: Comic-Con 2018 Publications!

Comic-Con will once again feature FIVE FREE publications that you can pick up while you’re at the event. We guarantee these publications will enhance your Comic-Con experience and help you better understand and navigate the show!

Once you get onsite at Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center, remember to pick up your lanyard for your badge, your free WB bag, and your copies of all three of Comic-Con’s event-covering “books!” Best of all, these books are FREE! This year, badge (if you don’t have yours), lanyard, bag, and books can be picked up in the Sails Pavilion, on the upper level of the Convention Center. Here’s what to look for:


Comic-Con International 2018 Souvenir Book

Art by Matt Taylor • TM & © MARVEL

Comic-Con 2018 Souvenir Book

This year’s full-color, trade paperback Souvenir Book is our biggest ever! At 280 pages, this keepsake collectible features art and article on our special anniversary themes, starting with the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (behind an MCU cover by artist and special guest Matt Taylor, who also has a cover spotlight shone on his Mondo Marvel art). The 25th anniversary celebrations of Hellboy, Vertigo Comics, and The X-Files, and the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein also feature art and articles. In addition, we cover comics and pop culture anniversaries in article form for Understanding Comics (25th), the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award (25th), Strangers in Paradise (25th), Planet of the Apes (50th), Zap Comix (50th), Gasoline Alley (100th), and Mickey Spillane (100th). Our new “Yearbook” section salutes our special guests, plus lists all of our 2017 award winners and the 2018 Eisner Award nominations, and our yearly “In Memoriam” section, celebrating the lives and careers of industry luminaries who left us in the past year. This is one you’re going to want to take home and keep, long after Comic-Con 2018 is just a fond memory!


Comic-Con International 2018 Events Guide Cover

Art by Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart • TM & © Mike Mignola

Comic-Con 2018 Events Guide

This year’s cover salutes the 25th anniversary of everybody’s favorite pancake-eating, half-demon, Hellboy! The cover features never-before-seen art by creator Mike Mignola, colored by Dave Stewart. Inside the Events Guide, you’ll find the complete schedule for Comic-Con 2018, including individual descriptions for all the programs, and in-depth information on the Masquerade, Games, Autographs, Portfolio Review, and much more. Clocking in at around 200 pages, this book is your complete guide to the show.


Comic-Con International 2018 Quick Guide

Toucan art by Rick Geary • © 2018 SDCC

Comic-Con 2018 Quick Guide

In a hurry? The Quick Guide has you covered! This slim, full-color magazine-sized publication contains all the important info you need for Comic-Con 2018, including the Exhibit Hall map and list of Exhibitors, information and maps on all of our venues in the Comic-Con Campus, and the all-important schedule-at-a-glance Programming Grids. All in one handy-dandy, roll it up and put it in your back pocket (or shove it in your backpack) magazine. The Quick Guide is also available at various locations throughout the Convention Center, wherever you find Comic-Con Today, the daily newsletter.


Comic-Con Today Onsite Daily Newsletter

2017 Cover • © 2018 SDCC

Comic-Con Today Daily Newsletter

This full-color foldout newspaper offers updates on Comic-Con schedules (including autographs, booth signings, and programs) and includes news and photos from the previous day. You can pick up Comic-Con Today at kiosks throughout the Convention Center, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. It’s like your morning newspaper, only more fun (MUCH more fun)!


Comic-Con International Japanese Animation Guide

2017 cover • Characters & art © respective copyright holders

Comic-Con 2018 Japanese Animation Guide

This full-color publication is only available in the Anime screening rooms (located in the Marriott Marquis hotel’s convention facility, in the Marriott Grand Ballroom, adjacent to the North Tower of the hotel). Inside you’ll find complete descriptions of all the Anime screenings plus the schedule (the schedule also appears in the Events Guide and the Quick Guide).

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