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#1: Gear Up and Get Excited – Comic-Con 2023 Prep Tips

Get ready, Comic-Con aficionados! When the Toucan Tips start flooding your feeds, you know it's time for the best convention of the year. We're just one month away from Comic-Con 2023, so let's cut to the chase and dive into the good stuff! 

Comic-Con 2023 kicks off on Wednesday, July 19, at 6:00 PM with Preview Night, and runs for four action-packed days, Thursday through Sunday, July 20-23, at the San Diego Convention Center. Starting now, we'll be sharing one awesome Toucan Tip per weekday until Preview Night. We've got a treasure trove of tips to share, so you'll be fully prepared before opening day. You can easily find all the daily tips linked in our Categories list on the right sidebar. Don't miss out on any tips, as we might even share more than one per day.

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Let the Planning Commence!

Calling all Comic-Con attendees, both veterans and fresh-faced newbies! We've got the lowdown on the essentials you absolutely need to bring. Of course, the basics like masks, comfy socks, and water are a given (yes, even for us collectors!). But let's not overlook their importance. So, without further ado, here's our well-crafted list of must-have items to consider, along with your own personalized essentials. Let's geek out and make this con experience truly epic!

Key Priorities:

√ Badge or Barcode Confirmation!
Most badges were sent out in advance, but international attendees will have to pick up their badges on-site. Make sure you have your confirmation email ready for scanning. Check the schedule here to know when and where you can pick up your badge on-site!

√ Photo ID
Have your ID handy when you're asked to show it along with your badge, especially when picking up awesome Comic-Con merchandise or verifying a badge that might not have been mailed to you beforehand. So remember to bring your driver's license, passport, or government-issued ID card with you. Enjoy the event!

Check List:

• Autograph Materials Prepare a dedicated booklet or special items to be signed, accompanied by various pens and markers.

• Backpack or Tote Bag Upon arrival at the Sails Pavilion, collect your complimentary souvenir bag, badge lanyard, and Comic-Con publications. Remember that rolling carts, luggage, and similar items are not permitted in the Exhibit Hall.

• Batteries Remember to bring extra batteries for cameras and battery banks for cell phones, among other devices.

• Business Cards/Resumes/Portfolio Samples Equip yourself with your finest business cards, resumes, and samples to enhance your networking opportunities.

• Camera Whether using a phone or a camera, capture those perfect moments. However, remember to leave selfie sticks or any other extending devices at home, as they are strictly prohibited on the premises.

• Cash Although ATMs are available, they often have long queues. It's advisable to come prepared with cash, which may even help you secure some exclusive deals.

• Comfortable Shoes Comic-Con involves a considerable amount of walking, and lines can be quite lengthy. It's crucial to sport shoes that feel like cozy clouds on your feet, because, let's face it, this is no time for fancy foot experiments with fresh kicks!

• Face Covering To prioritize the health and comfort of our valued attendees, Comic-Con strongly encourages the use of approved face coverings for everyone participating in the event. Embracing face coverings as a proactive measure helps safeguard against common colds, also infamously known as “Con Crud”.

• Hotel Info Printing out your reservation information can help your hotel stay check-in be speedy and efficient.

• Maps Bookmark our map on your phone/tablet for easy reference. It shows all areas around the Convention Center and your hotel. Get the Official Comic-Con App for updated maps and information.

• Refillable Water Bottle Stay hydrated! Water refill stations are available on every level of the Convention Center.

• Phone Chargers Keep this close by for those moments when you need a power boost!

• Poster Tubes/Art Sleeves/Sturdy Folders Buy these on-site or save some cash and purchase ahead of time. You never know when you’re going to find the perfect print or score some freebies.

• Shipping Materials For shipping your amazing finds, get all the necessary items like boxes, labels, and tape. Conveniently, there's a FedEx Office Business Center inside the Convention Center, a Post Office on E Street, and other nearby locations with shipping materials. Check out our Events Guide on-site for other sources and locations.

• Sketchbook Been wanting an awesome sketch from your favorite artist ever?? Hand them a sketchbook! It’ll keep your one-of-a-kind drawing pristine and intact, all while impressing the artist!

• Snacks Stay energized and save some cash by bringing your own packaged snacks! Perfect for traveling or keeping in your hotel room as a quick pick-me-up.

• Sweatshirts, Jackets, Coats Pack outerwear just in case, since our summer nights can get chilly and certain rooms in the Convention Center might be colder than expected. 

• Translation App Download a language translation app to connect with fans from around the world and discuss your fandom theories, regardless of language barriers!

• Travel Info For convenience, print out all reservation information and keep it with your hotel details and/or Comic-Con badge in case of emergencies. Whether you're flying, driving, taking the train, or using a shuttle, having the information readily available will be helpful.

• Wish Lists Ensure your wish lists are up to date and store them in your phone for convenient access while on the floor. Keep an eye out for our Toucan Tip on exhibitor exclusives to add even more to your list!

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