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#10: Let’s Talk Lines!

Comic-Con International 2017 Toucan Tip of the Day

Let’s face it … at some point during Comic-Con 2017, you’re going to find yourself in line. Whether it be for a panel or an exclusive item in the Exhibit Hall, lines are an inevitable part of the Comic-Con experience. So make the best of it! Here are some tips for waiting in lines at the show.

San Diego may be known for its gorgeous weather, but at times it can be very hot. Many of Comic-Con’s lines are outdoors and have little or no shade available.

Be prepared for a variety of weather possibilities. Generally you can expect sunny skies and warm temperatures. Consider bringing sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses with you to avoid damage from the sun. If you plan on being in line in the early morning or late evening, you should be aware that the breeze off of the San Diego Bay can be cool at times.

Keep hydrated and energized. Bring water and snacks to help keep comfortable. If you bring a reusable bottle there are fountains throughout and near the Convention Center to refill your container.

Your fellow attendees are your friends! Everyone is here to have a great time. Get to know the people in line around you. Share your excitement with your neighbors and you just might make a new friend or two.

Keep Panel Room Lines Moving!

The panels at Comic-Con are some of our most exciting and talked-about events each year, but to get in to see them, you’re more than likely going to have to stand in line. To keep lines running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we ask that attendees observe a few rules:

Lines are for rooms, not for panels. That means that if you are standing in line at 11:00 AM, but the panel you really want to see is the one at 12:00 PM, you will still need to take a seat if one becomes available during the earlier panel.

Since we do not clear rooms between panels,  once you have taken a seat you are welcome to stay in the room until the panel you want to attend. (And you might just end up learning something new or discovering something cool in the process!)

If you don’t want to take a seat when one becomes available, you will have to leave the line. You will not be allowed to stand aside to wait for the next panel or form a separate line.

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