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#13: Important Programming Reminders and Tips

Every morning in the 30 days leading up to WonderCon Anaheim 2014 (from March 19 to April 18), we’re going to offer our “Toucan Tip of the Day,” a tiny tidbit of terrific information that we hope add to your enjoyment of the show. To view all of our WCA 2014 Toucan Tips, please click on the “Tip of the Day” link under Categories at the top of our sidebar on the right; all published tips will appear, with the latest at the top.

WonderCon Anaheim Toucan Tip of the Day

We’re about to announce our complete WonderCon Anaheim 2014 Programming Schedule and with that in mind, here are some important tips to consider while attending programs.

• All event and program rooms have limited capacity as set by the fire marshal. Even though your badge is needed to get into all events, it does not guarantee you access to any event if the venue has reached its capacity.

• Rooms are not cleared between events. Events run pretty much back-to-back. The Arena is the one exception, where there is a scheduled break between panels; however, we do not clear the room in the Arena, either. That break time is for people to move in and out of the room in between panels, if they decide to leave and free up seats for other attendees.

• Most of our rooms fill up for each event, so when you sit down, please move into the row and don’t leave empty seats. We discourage you from saving seats for friends and family, because if the room is full, it will be closed and they might not get in if they’re farther back in line or just arriving.

• Please do not stand in our programming rooms; please find a seat, if available.

• Please silence your cellphones. If you get a call that you must take, please leave the room quietly and take the call in the hallway outside; however, if the room is full and closed, there is no guarantee you'll get back in.

• Be courteous to your neighbors. Remember you’re all there for the same reason. They love this stuff just as much as you do!