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#14: Programs at the San Diego Central Library

Comic-Con International 2018 Toucan Tip of the Day

For the third year in a row, we are excited to team up with the San Diego Public Library to bring you even more panels with the Comic Conference for Educators and Librarians—a free, five-day conference with specialized content supporting the education community, promoting comics as a medium for learning and literacy, and exploring new ways to appreciate and incorporate comics and other popular arts into classrooms and schools.

The programming for this conference will take place in the San Diego Central Library, located just a few blocks east of the Convention Center, at 11th Avenue and K Street. Teachers, academics, librarians, publishers, and researchers—both local and international—will be offering their views about how comic books in the classroom can help educators tackle some of the challenges of modern education. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend panels, participate in workshops, and network with peers!

The conference is free to attend, but space is limited and registration is required for each day. Comic-Con badge holders with valid single same-day or four-day badges are welcome to attend and are not required to register. If you or another educator you know would like to attend but don’t have a badge, please visit this link to register in advance: www.san Registration for educators without badges ends on July 17.

Here’s a preliminary schedule for the educational programs in the Shiley Special Events Suite. For more details on the panels—including the descriptions—please check the complete Programming Schedule when it debuts on Thursday, July 5 here on our website.

Education and Library Programs
Shiley Special Events Suite, 9th Floor
Wednesday, July 18
  • 4:00–6:00 Teaching with Comics Workshop for Educators: A hands-on workshop for integrating comic books into your classrooms.

Thursday, July 19
  • Library Panels: Come and learn how to incorporate comics in libraries as a powerful way to connect to communities.
    • 10:00 Border Narratives: Voices from Beyond the Wall
    • 11:00 Beyond Wakanda: Intersectional Afrofuturism
    • 12:00 Strategies for Adult Graphic Novel Collections
    • 1:00 Comics and Libraries Fair
    • 2:00 Queer Comics for Queer Kids
    • 3:00 Comics in Academic Libraries
    • 4:00 Creator Panel: When I See Myself in Comics

Friday, July 20
  • Publisher Panels: Discover the latest publishing trends and recommendations in graphic novels and education.
    • 10:00 Graphic Novel Activities for the Library or Bookstore
    • 11:00 Meet the Makers: Kids Comics Extravaganza
    • 12:00 Middle Grade Fiction for Girls (and Boys)
    • 1:00 Graphic Novel Adaptation: License to Thrill
    • 2:00 Trends in Graphic Novel Publishing
    • 3:00 Autobiography in Graphic Novels
    • 4:00 LGBTQ Graphic Novels
    • 5:00 Bans and Challenges to Comics

Saturday, July 21
  • Educator Panels: Learn exciting and effective tools for using comics in the classroom for grades K-12.
    • 10:00 Using Graphic Novels to Cope with Bullying
    • 11:00 Young Adult and Middle Grade Comics in the Classroom and Beyond
    • 12:00 Graphic Novels and Technology Inspiring Young Readers
    • 1:00 European Comics for Educators and Librarians
    • 2:00 Adapting Folklore, History, and Myth in Comics
    • 3:00 Teaching Fables and Myths with Graphic Novels
    • 4:00 Comics for Impact and Social Good
    • 5:00 Teaching Graphic Novels Across the Curriculum

Sunday, July 22
  • GeekEd Panels: Learn about how comics and nerd culture can greatly benefit college students socially and academically.
    • 10:00 GeekEd: Civility vs. Anger
    • 11:00 GeekEd: Caring for the Nerd Mind
    • 12:00 GeekEd: University of Wakanda
    • 1:00 Comics Studies at MSU
    • 2:00 Cultivating a Comic Book Culture in Academic Librarianship
    • 3:00 GeekEd: Career Advice for College Geeks


Comic-Con International 2018 at the San Diego Central Library
Comics & Fandom Podcasts/Web Series Programs
Neil Morgan Auditorium 1st Floor

If you’re looking to find your favorite new podcast or web series, this is the place to come! At the San Diego Central Library, you can see some of the most popular fandom-themed podcasts and web series doing live recordings of their shows. Some also include fan interaction, which could mean a chance to appear in new episodes of your favorite podcasts and web series!

Podcasts and web series will be featured in the Neil Morgan Auditorium in the San Diego Central Library on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Here’s a preliminary schedule of the panels, with more details coming in the complete Programming Schedule:

Thursday, July 19
  • 11:00 The Podcast Advocates and the Podcast Gathering
  • 12:00 Heroes at the Mic: Podcasting for the Fan Age
  • 1:00 Larger than the Show: X-Files Postmortem
  • 2:00 Nostalgia: It Doesn’t Belong to You!
  • 3:00 A Shop Called Quest:  Black Series Rebels Live
  • 4:00 On the Mic Podcast Live

Friday, July 20
  • 11:00 Masters of the Web
  • 12:00 Space Command: Bold Adventures
  • 1:00 Star Trek: A Fandom Divided?
  • 2:00 Film Threat Podcast Live
  • 3:00 Comics on Comics: Live!
  • 4:00 Geek Podcasting and You

Saturday, July 21
  • 11:00 The Sartorial Geek Podcast
  • 12:00 Outlandish Confabulation: An Outlander Fan Panel
  • 1:00 Lost Fans Unite with Jay and Jack
  • 2:00 Star Wars Declassified
  • 3:00 The Kaiju Kingdom Podcast
  • 4:00 A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Fan Discussion
  • 5:00 Bubble: Monsters & A**-Kicking with Hollywood Stars

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