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#15: Games

Our gaming volunteers are here to help you enjoy your gaming experience. You’ll find board, card, and dice games; new and classic role-playing games; and LARPS! There are tournaments, demos, and even a special event! A huge game library is available in the Marriott Pacific Ballroom 21 for people to check out games for free. Please stop by and visit both locations for great fun and a few surprises! Scan the QR code for access to our online Gaming Guide for additional details on events.

Convention Center Mezzanine Level 

Wednesday 5PM–9PM, Thursday/Friday/Saturday 10AM–6PM, Sunday 10AM–4PM

Mezzanine 12: Geeking Out About Board Games, Mental Wellness Benefits of Dungeons & Dragons and How to be a Game Master
Mezzanine 14A:  Free Paint & Take, Painting Classes by Build Paint Play
Mezzanine 14B: Gallery Games: Pokémon
Mezzanine 15AB: Tabletop Game Room : AEG, Atlas Games, Battleground Studios, Blue Rondo Games, Boss Battle Games, Breaking Games, CardLords,  Coffee Time, Dire Wolf Games, Floodgate Games, Gap Closer Games, Golden State Gaming Network, Herdvana, Historical Miniatures Game Society, Indie Game Alliance, Infinite Rabbit Holes,  Koalatie Games, Kraken Dice, Looney Labs, Naughty Jester Games, Obscure Reference Games,  Party Wanted, Pique Games, Pure Crimson Games, Questing Gentlemen, Renegade Games, SafeHaven Games, Slugfest Games, Steve Jackson Games, Studio Merlonghi, Sunrise Tornado,  War Games LV, Weird City Games
Mezzanine 16AB: RPG Room: Dungeons & Dragons,  Emily the Strange, Pathfinder Society, SafeHaven Games, Other RPGs
Mezzanine 17A: Fanboy Games
Mezzanine 17B: San Diego LAN
Mezzanine 18: Artemis Bridge Simulator
Mezzanine 19: Maker Space: SCA, The Kingdom of Terre Neuve
Mezzanine Outdoor Amphitheater: Armored Combat Demonstrations

Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

Wednesday 6PM–Midnight, Thursday/Friday/Saturday 10AM–Midnight, Sunday  10AM–3PM Marriott

Santa Rosa Ballroom: RPG Room: Dungeons & Dragons
Marriott Pacific Ballroom 18, 19: Video Game Lounge
Marriott Pacific Ballroom 20, 22: Cascade Games: Magic the Gathering
Marriott Pacific Ballroom 21: Tabletop Game Room: Battleground Studios, Boss Battle Games, Cards Against Humanities, Game Library, Gaming Merch Pop-Up,  Gap Closer Games, Koalatie Games, Monkey Finger Games,  Obscure Reference Games, Party Wanted, Pique Games, Puzzle,  Questing Gentlemen, Steve Jackson Games, Studio Merlonghi,  War Games LV

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