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#15: Only Line Up When You’re Ready to Sit Down

WonderCon Anaheim 2017 Toucan Tip of the Day

Just about everyone who visits WonderCon Anaheim comes with their list of top priority events and panels, and so planning and waiting to see these panels can dictate the way you spend your weekend. And if you just have to be at that must-see panel at 3:00 PM, you might think it’s a good plan to get in line as early as possible to be sure you will get in. However at WonderCon Anaheim, please remember that the line is for the ROOM and not for specific panels. If you’re in line you must take a seat as soon as one becomes available. So if you get to the front of the line before your panel starts, please be sure to enter the room because the people in line behind you may be waiting to get into the panel that is currently happening. If you don’t want to enter the room, you will have to leave the line. You will also not be allowed to form a separate line for any room in order to wait for a later panel.

Also keep in mind that you can sit through earlier panels in order to have a seat for the one you really want to attend. Since we do not clear rooms after each panel and our panels run back to back in most rooms, you are welcome to hold your seat through multiple panels.

Going into a panel that you hadn’t planned on seeing isn’t a bad thing … you might even end up discovering something new you’ll want to explore later, whether it’s a comic series, a TV show, or “now for something completely different.” One sure way to have a memorable WonderCon Anaheim is to be open to trying some new things!

So, let’s review:

  • Not ready to take a seat? Don’t get in line.
  • Want to wait around for a panel later in the day? Get in line and take a seat in the panel room as soon as one becomes available.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind in Panel Rooms ...

While you are welcome to hold your seat in a panel room after a panel ends and stay as long as you like, you may not “reserve” that seat. If you leave the panel room at any time, you will have to stand in line again if you want to go back in. (Bathroom passes may be available in certain rooms, at which point you can get back into the room by showing the pass.)

Certain seats are reserved. They will be clearly marked, so please avoid sitting in those seats.

In addition, though we do not clear rooms between panels, we will clear rooms at the end of the day, so you cannot keep your seat in a panel room after hours or overnight. (No, you can’t sleep in the panel rooms!)

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