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#16: Know Where to Line Up for Panel Rooms 300AB, 300DE, and the Arena

WonderCon Anaheim Toucan Tip of the Day

At WonderCon Anaheim 2017, three panel rooms in particular, 300AB and 300DE (on the third level of the Anaheim Convention Center), and the Arena (adjacent to the Hall A side of the Exhibit Hall on the first level) will play host to some of our biggest events of the weekend. And accordingly, we expect these panels to be in high demand. If you are planning to attend any of the panels that will be in these rooms, you’ll want to know beforehand when to arrive and where to line up.

Rooms 300AB and 300DE

While we have attendees line up in front of the door and along the wall at many of our panel rooms, things work a little differently with 300AB and 300DE. These two large rooms are each adjacent to a smaller room, 300C, which we will be using as a holding area for the lines for these rooms. This means that when you pass by 300AB and 300DE, it may look as though there is no line, so if you find yourself circling around trying to figure out how to get in, check in 300C. Volunteers stationed in 300AB, C, and DE will be able to help you figure out which line you need to join and which doors you can use. See the map below for the exact location of the lines area for these 2 rooms. A version of the WCA 2017 Quick Guide (part of the Program Book) will be uploaded to the website as we get closer to the event.

WonderCon Anaheim 2017 Toucan Tip of the Day

For our largest programming room, the Arena, which features some television and movie programs over the entire weekend, and the Masquerade on Saturday night, the lines begin in the morning in Hall A and continue into the Arena lobby. If you’re heading to the Arena first thing on any of the 3 days, head to Hall A to line up.

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