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#16: WonderCon Anaheim Programming Room Do's and Don'ts

While we patiently wait for the announcement of our complete WonderCon Anaheim 2018 Programming Schedule (pssst! we hear it’s coming out tomorrow!), let’s review some programming room do’s and don’ts to get you prepared for the event.


WonderCon Anaheim 2018 Toucan Tip of the Day
DO! Go see a panel you hadn’t planned on attending

WonderCon Anaheim is a great place for exploration and trying new things, so we encourage you to go see something you hadn’t planned on. Take advantage of the fact that we don’t clear programming rooms after each panel, and attend a panel before or after the one you have in mind. You might find a new favorite!

DO! Move into the row as far as you can

Most programming rooms fill up for each event, so please move all the way into the row and don’t leave any empty seats. Scooch down and make room for others.

DO! Ask about bathroom passes

Some programming rooms have them, others don’t! It’s a good idea to be aware of this in case you’re planning to spend most of the day in a certain programming room.

DO! Be courteous to your neighbors

We’re all there for the same reason! It’s best to be nice and remember that we’re all trying to enjoy ourselves and the event. Plus, you might just make a new friend!

DO! Wear your badge at all times

Make sure to display your badge proudly so security can see it. Please remember that all event and program rooms have limited capacity as set by the fire marshal. Even though your badge is needed to get into all events, it does not guarantee access to any event if the venue has reached its capacity.


WonderCon Anaheim 2018 Toucan Tip of the Day
DON'T! Leave right at 7:00 PM when the Exhibit Hall closes

Programming continues late on Friday and Saturday nights. Be sure to review the Programming Schedule when it's released to plan ahead. WonderCon Anaheim doesn't stop when the Exhibit Hall closes!

DON’T! Stand (or run!) in our programming rooms

Chances are if you’re standing in front of your seat, instead of sitting in it, you’re negatively impacting the experience of the people around you. Please take a seat. Also, remember there is no running in the programming rooms, lobby, Exhibit Hall, or outside the Anaheim Convention Center.

DON’T! Get in line if you’re not ready to sit down

Please remember that the line is for the ROOM, not the PANEL. If you’re in line, you must take a seat as soon as one becomes available. If you don’t want to enter the programming room and take a seat just yet, you’ll have to leave the line.

DON’T! Sit in reserved seats

Certain seats are reserved for a reason, and will be clearly marked. Please avoid sitting in them, as you’ll be asked to relocate to a different seat anyway.

DON’T! Try to remain in programming rooms after-hours, or overnight

While we don’t clear programming rooms between events or panels, we do clear them at the end of each day. It might be tempting, but camping out overnight in programming rooms is prohibited.

DON’T! Bring strollers

While we recognize how handy strollers are, they can also be a safety hazard. We ask you don’t bring strollers as they are not permitted in programming rooms. For your convenience, there is stroller parking provided at the Anaheim Convention Center; check the "Quick Guide" section in the Program Book onsite (and here online as we get closer to the show), for maps showing the locations.

Click here for info on how to buy your WonderCon Anaheim 2018 badges!

Badges are available online only and will not be sold onsite at the Anaheim Convention Center.

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