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#19: Friday Program Schedule + A Programming Tip!

Comic-Con 2016 Toucan Tip of the Day

Our Friday Program Schedule is now online … click here to read it! Don’t forget to add your favorite programs to your personalized scheduled with My Schedule!

Plus here’s a tip from the Programming Department about attending programs!

Give Us a Hand!

Have you ever been so close to the front of the line for a panel room, just hoping that there is one more seat available? Keep that in mind the next time you are inside a panel room and be sure to give us a hand. When a panel room is loading, raise your hand (when asked) if there is an empty seat next to you! Someone will be very grateful and you just might make a new friend. Also remember that your bag isn’t worried about hearing your favorite comics creator speak or seeing that brand new footage, so it doesn’t need its own seat!

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