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#19 Take a Break!

WonderCon Anaheim 2015 Toucan Tip of the Day


Let’s face it … sometimes the whole convention experience can be a little too much for everyone! Need a break? Take a walk outside to the walkway between the Convention Center and the Hilton hotel and relax on a bench or visit either our Headquarters Hotel, the Anaheim Marriott, or the Hilton Anaheim next door, and take advantage of their spacious lobbies. Find a nice, cushy chair and kick back and read a comic or have a refreshing beverage while you converse with your friends. Even a short 15-minute break will help you regroup and recuperate, so you can dive back into the Exhibit Hall or go visit that panel you’ve been waiting to see. And if you think breaks at a convention are for the birds, then step out into that (hopefully!) beautiful California sunshine and the Anaheim Convention Center’s Grand Plaza and take in the sights and sounds of the whole WonderCon community, which tends to gather outside between the food trucks and the building ... it's a great place to people (and superhero and superheroine) watch! And, oh yeah ... we said FOOD TRUCKS (info coming soon!).