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#24: Morning Sails Pavilion Lines for Exclusive and Booth Signing Wristbands!

Comic-Con International 2017 Toucan Tip of the Day

Every year at Comic-Con there are a few “big ticket” items and exclusive autograph signings that just can't be missed! Since attendee safety is paramount and these items can be in high demand, we are working with some of our exhibitors to distribute wristbands for limited signings and items in the Sails Pavilion each morning before the Exhibit Hall opens. No need to run to that popular booth when the Exhibit Hall opens! DC Entertainment, Funko LLC Hasbro Toy Shop, LEGO, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros. will all be participating in wristband distribution in the Sails Pavilion at Comic-Con 2017.

Here are a few simple guidelines to make accessing the distribution lines easier for all attendees.

There is no access to ticket distribution lines from the back of the Convention Center.

All attendees must enter through the front of the building using the Comic-Con Badged Member entry line. Once the Badged Member line is moved upstairs they will be directed to the Sails Pavilion and into the appropriate distribution line. Please keep in mind that the Badged Member line may begin moving into the Convention Center as early as 6:00 AM.

There is no access to the distribution lines prior to 6:00 AM.

Anyone in that area will be cleared prior to opening and sent to the Badged Member line.

ADA attendees with mobility issues in the Badged Member line should proceed to the Lobby B2 glass doors, near the elevator, where they can use the glass elevator to access the upstairs holding area outside the Sails Pavilion.

Once attendees are in the Sails Pavilion, Comic-Con Floor Managers, Line Control, and Autographs Volunteers will direct you to the appropriate distribution line.

For ADA Attendees, line-holder volunteers are available at the Autograph Information booth located in the Sails Pavilion.

To make the distribution as safe and fair as possible, exhibitors will perform random drawings for the coveted item or signing. Exhibitors are allowed to set the parameters for these random distributions. Please check with the individual exhibitors for specific rules and procedures.

Remember, no items will be sold in the Sails Pavilion.

Redemption information will be provided along with the wristbands and/or tickets if you are selected.

Comic-Con Internationa 2017 Morning Lines for Exclusives and Signings


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