#28 San Diego Weather for Comic-Con Week!

Comic-Con International 2015 Toucan Tip of the Day

No, we’re not meteorologists (nor do we play one on TV), but we can look ahead a little and tell you what the weather will be for the coming week, during Comic-Con International 2015. We’ve had a stretch of cloudy, cool mornings followed by eventual sun and warm temperatures (hence all the “Partly Cloudys” below), but here’s how the coming week looks:

Monday: Partly cloudy, low 70s

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, low 70s

Wednesday (Preview Night): Partly cloudy, low 70s

Thursday (SDCC Day 1): Partly cloudy, low 70s

Friday (SDCC Day 2): Partly cloudy, low 70s

Saturday (SDCC Day 3): Partly cloudy, low 70s

Sunday (SDCC Day 4): Partly cloudy, mid 70s

Monday … Do you really care about the weather on the Monday after Comic-Con? Sleep in!

Bring that light jacket or hoodie or sweater to the Convention Center, where it tends to get chilly with the air conditioning!

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