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#28: This Year’s Souvenir Book Salutes Jack Kirby and Will Eisner Centennials

Comic-Con International 2017 Souvenir Book

Art by Bruce Timm. Mister Miracle and Kamandi TM & © DC Comics; Captain America and Thor TM & © 2017 MARVEL.

Comic-Con has published a Souvenir Book for over 30 years now, and that book is always a treasure trove of comics history in its articles and art. This year is no exception … here are the contents and authors for our biggest Souvenir Book ever!

The art and article part of the book (which is over 225 pages of this year’s 272-page book) starts off with a giant section devoted to the 100th birthday of Jack Kirby, our cover feature. This special section includes articles by:

  • Randolph Hoppe (Jack Kirby: A Life in Comics)
  • Douglas Wolk (Kirby at Marvel)
  • Scott Dunbier (Original Kirby)
  • John Morrow (Kirby at DC)
  • Scarlet Karimian (Krazy for Kirby: Jack Kirby in the 1970s)
  • Mark Evanier (King of the Con)
  • Charles Hatfield (The Familiar and the Uncanny)

Plus tributes and reminiscences by the Kirby Family (son Neal, daughter Lisa, and grandchildren Jillian, Jeremy, and Tracy); Mike Royer, Steve Sherman, Kevin Eastman, Joe Sinnott, Jimmy Palmiotti, Bill Schelly, Paul Levitz, John Morrow, Dan Didio, and Maggie Thompson.

The next section celebrates the 100th birthday of Will Eisner, and includes articles by

  • Bill Schelly (Will Eisner: An Extraordinary Life)
  • R.C. Harvey (Will Eisner and the Invention of Instructional Comics)
  • Denis Kitchen (Will Eisner at 100)
  • Charles Brownstein (The Tao of Will: What Will Eisner’s Life Offers Today’s Young Creators)

Plus tributes and reminiscences by Ann Eisner, Nancy and Carl Gropper, Batton Lash, Jon B. Cooke and Andrew D. Cooke, Luis Gantus, Jackie Estrada, and Maggie Thompson.

Comic-Con International 2017 Souvenir Book

Four of the articles in this year's Souvenir Book. Artwork TM & © Respective Owners.


There are three other comics legends who are celebrating their centennials this year and we delve into their lives and careers with separate articles on each:

  • Reed Crandall: Illustrator of the Comics by Roger Hill
  • Fire and Water: The Legacy of Bill Everett by Blake Bell
  • Shelly Mayer: Present at the Creation by Paul Levitz

The history lesson continues with articles devoted to two legendary comics creators who are celebrating their 75th anniversary in comics:

  • Carl Barks: 75 Years of Duck Comic Books by Michael Barrier
  • John Stanley: 75 Years in Comics by Bill Schelly

Also celebrating their 75th anniversaries is the groundbreaking comic book series, Crime Does Not Pay, with an overview by Denis Kitchen, and—here he comes to save the day!—Mighty Mouse, with an article by animation expert Jerry Beck.

We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Batgirl with articles by regular Souvenir Book contributors Mark Lucas and Jennifer Susannah Devore; the 50th anniversary of Marvel’s Captain Marvel, also by Mark Lucas; a trio of articles on the 25th anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series, including one by producer Alan Burnett (plus personal reminiscences by M.H. Bryan and Seth Macbeth); the Cartoon Art Museum’s Andrew Farago looks at the 25th anniversary of Harley Quinn focusing on the publication of Mad Love by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, one year later. And finally, author Shane Snoke takes us back to the beginnings of Image Comics with “The Independent Image,” as the groundbreaking publisher also celebrates its 25th. Plus bios and photos of our special guests, a rundown of last year’s awards, this year’s Eisner Awards nominees, and our annual “In Memoriam” section, saluting those we’ve lost in the past year.

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