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#29: Very Important Additional Tips!

Comic-Con International 2017 Toucan Tip of the Day

Over the past month, we’ve given you a ton of info for Comic-Con 2017 here on Toucan with our Toucan Tips of the Day. You can review them all by clicking here or on the “Tip of the Day” link in the Categories box in the upper right corner of your screen. While we can pretty much guarantee there won’t be a quiz onsite, we recommend looking them over one more time. It’s a big show and preparation is key.

Here are some important things to remember as you make your way to the San Diego Convention Center, whether it be for Preview Night and all 4 days of Comic-Con 2017 or just a single day:


MOST IMPORTANT: REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR BADGE! If you received your badge in the mail from us, bring it with you!

If you did not receive your badge in advance, please bring your barcode confirmation email and a valid photo ID to the registration area indicated on your confirmation. Click here for more information on Badge Pick-Up. If you qualify to receive our Comic-Con 2017 exclusive badge box, you will be able to pick one up when you leave the registration area. Your RFID badge will be scanned; only one box per qualifying member. Complimentary attendee badges do not receive a badge box.

Once you get your badge, wear it at all times at Comic-Con and KEEP IT. Don’t give your badge to anyone else. You must wear your badge for access to the building, and ALL Comic-Con programs and events, even those official ones outside the Convention Center! Also remember to wear your badge when you go to eat outside of the Convention Center; special deals and discounts might be available. We can’t stress this enough: KEEP THAT BADGE!

Pick up your free WB bag, Comic-Con publications (2017 Souvenir Book, Events Guide, and Quick Guide) and lanyard in the Sails Pavilion at your convenience. Please note: Your RFID badge will be scanned for pick-up of bag, books, and lanyard. Only one set of each per badged member.

RFID and Barcode Information on Your Badge

Comic-Con takes the security of your privacy and personal information seriously. We take a considerable amount of time and make every reasonable effort to make sure your personal information is not at risk!

The RFID system Comic-Con is using on your badge stores none of your personal information on the RFID tag. The tags only have an identifier that allows only our system to identify you.

The barcode printed on your badge may include your name, address, phone number and email address. If you allow someone to scan that code, you may be releasing that information. Don’t let anyone scan the barcode on your badge, unless you want them to have your name and address.


Each day the line to enter the Convention Center and Exhibit Hall will start at the edge of Plaza Park nearest Harbor Drive. We have added additional tents in this area. Look for the blue flag for the start of the line. Please make sure that you have your Comic-Con 2017 badge before you get in line. Only badged attendees will be allowed entry. We recommend that people arrive about 30 minutes after opening time to avoid waiting in Exhibit Hall entry lines.

Due to safety concerns, we cannot allow anyone to line up in Plaza Park until ALL tents, canopies, stanchions, and set-up work are completed. This also includes areas adjacent to Plaza Park. We cannot allow attendees to wait nearby for work to be completed, so please comply with security guards or line managers if they ask you to disperse. We anticipate that all work will be finished on Plaza Park sometime on Tuesday, July 18. However, we are unable to guarantee an exact time or date.

If you’re planning on lining up for Hall H, please review our Hall H and Plaza Parks Guidelines and Toucan Tracker Wristband post.

Convention Policies

Please read and review our Convention Policies and be aware of what is allowed at Comic-Con. Help yourself--and everyone else!--by knowing in advance what you can and can't do at the show.

Pre-Ordered Official Comic-Con 2017 T-shirts and Merchadise

Print out your receipt for any of our official T-Shirts and merchandise you may have pre-ordered. Bring along a printed copy of the receipt for scanning at our Comic-Con Merch location in Pacific Ballroom 23-26 on the lower level of the Marriott convention facility, adjacent to the North Tower of the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Hotel, right next door to the Convention Center on the Hall A side. Also make sure you have a photo ID and either your Comic-Con 2017 badge or barcode confirmation for your badge in order to pick up your shirts and merchandise. See the ad on pages 12-13 in the Quick Guide for this year's shirts and merchandise, some of which may be available onsite in the Comic-Con Merch store.

Download or Read Online the Comic-Con 2017 Quick Guide

The online version of the 2017 Quick Guide is now available! It contains a wealth of info, including maps, the Program Schedule grid, a chronological Games schedule, the Restaurant Guide, and, of course, the giant foldout Exhibit Hall map (backed with a list of Exhibitors). It’s a great “study aid” in advance … and once you’re onsite, pick up the printed version, too … for, you know, your collection! Click here to read it online or download it!

Download and use our Official Comic-Con App!

It’s available in the App Store for iOS

and on Google Play

Use the Official Comic-Con App onsite as an alternative to using the Internet! It has all the info from our website, including complete schedules, maps and more and is constantly updated with cancellations and additions. Sponsored by NBC, the App has been completely updated and is an important tool to help you stay updated, plus you can manage your own personalized schedules and favorite exhibitors! (The app also syncs between our MySchedule feature on the website, too!)

This Week’s Weather

It looks like a beautiful, sunny week ahead (although it is humid, which is fairly unusual for San Diego) with daytime highs in the mid- to upper-70s and nighttime lows in the high-60s. Chance of precipitation is zero.

Additional Tips

Pack and dress accordingly. Wear comfortable shoes, bring a refillable water bottle, and a jacket, sweater, or hoodie for the air conditioning and the cooler San Diego night.

Be aware: No doublewide strollers (strollers of any kind are not permitted in the programming rooms), no rolling carts or luggage in the Exhibit Hall. Selfie sticks, Go Pro poles, stilts, or other camera/phone extensions are not allowed. Review our Convention Policies page if you have any questions or concerns.

If you’re wearing a costume that includes props or weapons, have them checked at one of our two Costume Props Check Desk in the lobbies of both Hall C and Hall E. All costume props and weapons must be tagged. Click here to read more.

Have a back-up plan for meeting family and friends. With so many people online in the Convention Center, it may be difficult at times to text or call. Figure out in advance a time and place to meet.

Be courteous and kind to your fellow con-goers. We’re all here for the same reason … we LOVE this stuff!

Have a great time! Seriously. Comic-Con comes around just once each year, so make the most of your experience and get out there and make some memories! Breathe. Get outside for some fresh air and sunshine. It’s San Diego in the summertime!

Check back for another Toucan Tip tomorrow here on Toucan, the only OFFICIAL SDCC blog! Bookmark Toucan and the Comic-Con Front Page for the latest updates for Comic-Con International 2017!