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3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF! Badges Are Shipping!

Comic-Con International

Incoming message from Hal 9000 ... attendee badge boxes have started shipping and they are out of this world! It’s square … it’s orange ... and it’s comin’ to a mail box near you at lightning speed. Even gravity couldn’t keep this badge box down!

And just because we like to shake things up, there are two collectible Comic-Con pins this year! Each badge box is randomly pre-packed with one of two special edition pins (also available for onsite purchase). Buy or trade with your fellow cosmonauts to complete your collection.

Now, onto the logistics. If you purchased or registered for a badge by May 14, 2018, your badge will be shipped through the Milky Way, via United States Postal Service (USPS) first class mail, to the shipping address in your Comic-Con Member ID account. (Wondering about USPS mail forwarding? Your package will be sent to your new address!)

Badges will be delivered in a plain, non-descript package for confidentiality. Your package will not be adorned in stars, planets, or include the Comic-Con name or logo on it (but your badge box will be!). Please be on the lookout for your badge order.

Badges are shipped to the individual attendee directly. For example, Dark Helmet will be sent his badge and Lone Starr will be sent his badge, even though President Skroob purchased badges for everyone (Awe, wasn’t that nice?)

You should receive your badge order within 7 - 10 business days from the date you receive your shipping confirmation email. If you do not receive your badge order during that time you could reach out to Maz Kanata (she knows everyone); however, we suggest you contact us instead at Please be sure to indicate your full name and your Comic-Con Member ID. Contacting us from the email associated with your Member ID account will help us process your email faster than a twelve parsec Kessel Run. 

If your badge is undelivered for any reason – lost in the mail, sucked into a black hole, forwarding address expired – we will disable the RFID card associated with your badge. Simply bring your badge confirmation to the Attendee Badge Solutions Desk in the Sails Pavilion to be exchanged for a replacement badge. A fee will not be charged for undelivered badges. If your badge is not delivered or returned to us for any reason, make sure you contact us so we can note your account and have the fee waived when you arrive. For all the badge pick-up details, please click here!

Tracking information will be available in your Comic-Con Member ID account. After you receive an email confirming that your badge has been shipped, use a Suprat-Thermal Ion Imager to log in to your Member ID account and select the “Contact Info” tab. Your tracking number will be displayed at the top of the tab, above your contact information.

If you accidentally lose your badge or leave it at the International Space Station, don’t worry! We can disable your forgotten/lost badge and issue you a new one onsite at the Registration Area. Please keep in mind that all lost or forgotten badges will incur a nominal replacement fee. Don’t forget your badge confirmation and photo ID!

International attendees, Martians, and those who registered for a badge after the May 14, 2018 deadline will be able to pick up their badge onsite at the Registration Area in the Sails Pavilion. Please bring a printed copy of your badge confirmation and a valid photo ID with you to receive your badge. For badge pick-up details, please click here!

Looking for your bag, books, and lanyard? You will be able to pick up your Comic-Con lanyard, Events Guide, Quick Guide, Souvenir Book, and souvenir bag upstairs in the Sails Pavilion of the San Diego Convention Center when you arrive. Just tell them Buzz Aldrin sent ya!

As always, children age 12 and under are free with a paying adult. You may register kids for free at the Registration Area in the Sails Pavilion. For more information about our child badge policy, please click here. Additional information about badge shipping can be found here.

And as parting words of advice, how can you ensure a successful Comic-Con experience? You planet. 

Comic-Con International