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#30/SDCC 2014: Some Additional Tips and a Little Review!

Comic-Con International 2014 Toucan Tip of the Day

We’re one day away from Preview Night, the Wednesday night launch of Comic-Con International 2014! Over the past 30 days, we’ve given you a ton of info here on Toucan with our Toucan Tips of the Day. You can read them all by clicking here if you’d like to review them. While we can pretty much guarantee there won’t be a quiz onsite, we recommend looking them over one more time. It’s a big show and preparation is key.

Here are some important things to remember as you make your way to the San Diego Convention Center, whether it be for Preview Night and all 4 days of SDCC 2014 or just a single day:

Print out your barcode receipt for your badge and bring it with you.

You will need this and some form of picture ID to pick up your badge at registration. Don't forget to grab your copy of the Souvenir Book and the Events Guide while you're there ... plus your bag!

Once you get your badge, wear it at all times at Comic-Con and KEEP IT after Comic-Con ends.

Don’t give your badge to anyone else. It has personalized info in the barcode on it and you will also need it for preregistration for Comic-Con 2015. Wear your badge at all times in the Convention Center, and if you're asked by a security person to see it, please show it. Also wear it for access to outside venues, such as the Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and Omni hotels, and the Horton Grand Theatre (you will need a separate ticket to attend programs at the Horton Grand). Remember to wear your badge when you go to eat outside of the Convention Center; special deals and discounts might be available. KEEP THAT BADGE!

Print out your receipt for any of our official T-Shirts you may have pre-ordered.

It’s best to bring along a printed copy of the receipt for scanning at our Comic-Con Merch location in the Santa Rosa Room  at the Marriott Marquis & Marina Hotel, right next door to the Convention Center on the Hall A side.

If you’re planning on lining up for Hall H,

please review our Hall H and Plaza Parks Guidelines and the new Toucan Tracker Wristband posts.

Pack and dress accordingly.

Wear comfortable shoes, bring a refillable water bottle, and a jacket, sweater, or hoodie for the air conditioning.

Be aware:

No doublewide strollers (strollers of any kind are not permitted in the programming rooms), no rolling carts or luggage in the Exhibit Hall.

Remember to bring your chargers.

No, not the San Diego football team! The chargers for your phone, laptop, tablet, or any kind of electronic device you may carry.

If you’re wearing a costume that includes a weapon, have your weapon checked at our Costumes Weapons Check Desk in Hall E.

All costume weapons must be tagged. Click here to read more.

Be courteous to your fellow con-goers.

You’re all here for the same reason … you LOVE this stuff!

Have a great time.

Seriously. Comic-Con comes around just once each year, so make the most of your experience. Breathe. Get outside for some fresh air and sunshine. It’s San Diego!

Remember your first, best, and most accurate source for information—including our daily Toucan Tip—is right here on the Comic-Con website and Toucan, the only OFFICIAL SDCC blog. Bookmark Toucan and the Comic-Con Front Page for the latest updates for the big show!