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#4: New Museum Exhibits Opening!

New exhibits opening at the Comic-Con Museum on Tuesday, July 18!

Immerse yourself in the Life and Legacy of Stan Lee while also walking through galleries of commissioned and well-loved art, statues, and costumes. Our expansive exhibits help each and every museum-goer experience art in many forms. No matter if you’re a manga or comic connoisseur, a one-day cosplayer, or a fan of Stan, come on by today and experience the magic of Comic-Con all year long!


Excelsior! The Life and Legacy of Stan Lee 

Stan Lee appeared at Comic-Con numerous times over the course of his 78-year career to delight his legions of fans. This year, the Comic-Con Museum and Kartoon Studios, the controlling partner to the “Stan Lee Universe” IP,  present a first-ever exhibit to celebrate his 100 years of legacy. The exhibit will feature rare comic books, original art, and paintings exploring decades of Lee’s work, and a section devoted entirely to Lee’s co-creators of the Marvel Universe, including Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and other amazing co-creators. The exhibit has been curated by the Comic-Con Museum; Michael Uslan, originator and executive producer of the Batman movie franchise; and David Uslan, both consultants to Kartoon Studios’ “Stan Lee Universe.” Artwork will feature never-before-seen items donated by auction houses and private collectors, including Heritage Auctions, DC Comics, Metropolis Comics, Gary Stiffelman, Dr. Michael Vassallo, Michael E. Uslan, Rob Prior, Danny Fingeroff, Benjamin LeClear Mark Yturralde, and Funko.

Cowboy Bebop 25th Anniversary Art Exhibition

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the iconic anime “Cowboy Bebop,” a gallery of commissioned art was created to capture the essence of the series’ iconic characters, settings, and themes through the unique style and interpretation of the artists. The creation of these pieces has allowed creators – who are also fans of the series – to express their appreciation for the series and contribute to the vast and diverse range of artistic interpretations of this beloved anime. This gallery is presented in partnership with Crunchyroll and Mondo.

My Hero Academia Installation

Presented in partnership with Crunchyroll, this statue of the “Historical Battle in Kamino” from “My Hero Academia” is a stunning representation of the epic fight between All Might and All For One in Season 3 Episode 48. By capturing this iconic moment, the statue showcases the artistry and significance of the My Hero Academia franchise, providing fans with an opportunity to relive the excitement and celebrate their love for the series.


Comic-Con Masquerade – Expansion

This exhibit will double in size, featuring new and former winners and entrants’ costumes from the Comic-Con Masquerade, an annual costume contest at the convention, plus costumes from noted costume designer Allan Lavigne. 


Current Exhibits:

The Animation Academy - From Pencils to Pixels and Cover Story: 5 Decades of Comic-Con
Animation Academy Logo

Mission, Vision, and Values

Costumed little girl holding hands with adult

There are many ways to show your support!

Youth raising hand

Learn about the vision of the Comic-Con Museum

Comic-Con Museum Glimpse into Future
Comic-Con Cover Story: Five Decades of Comic-Con

Comic-Con International (Comic-Con) began in 1970 when a small group of comics, movie, and science fiction fans from San Diego put on an event attended by just 300 people. Since then, Comic-Con has grown into a global phenomenon and is widely recognized as the largest and most significant popular arts convention in the world. This exhibit showcases the cover art and publications over the 50-year history of Comic-Con International illustrated by some of the most famous comic book artists including Jack Kirby, Will Eisner, Sergio Aragonés, Frank Miller, Moebius, Alex Ross, Jim Lee, and John Romita Sr. & Jr.

General Museum Information
Admission Prices:

Adult (ages 18+) / $25

  • Adult (ages 18+) / $25

  • Senior (ages 65+) / $18

  • Student - valid ID required / $18

  • Military Active Duty & Veteran – valid ID required / $18

  • Junior (ages 13-17) / $18

  • Youth* (ages 6 - 12) / $12

  • Child* (under 6 yrs old) / Free

Tickets can be purchased in advanced through

*Children & Youth must be accompanied by an adult (18+)

  • Monday Closed*

  • Tuesday 10am to 5pm

  • Wednesday 10am to 5pm

  • Thursday 10am to 5pm

  • Friday 10am to 5pm

  • Saturday 10am to 5pm

  • Sunday 10am to 5pm
    Last entrance at 4:30 pm.

*Comic-Con Museum is open the following Mondays:

  • May 29, 2023 Memorial Day

  • July 24, 2023 The Monday after Comic-Con

  • September 4, 2023 Labor Day

View our Museum calendar for any blackout dates or early closures.


2131 Pan American Plaza
San Diego CA 92101

Phone: 619-546-9073


Free parking is available near the museum and throughout Balboa Park. The closest Balboa Park parking lots to the Museum are the Pan American Plaza Lot and the Federal Lot. However, the use of public transportation or rideshare is strongly encouraged.

Public Transportation:

There are two primary bus routes to Balboa Park, Route 120 and Route 7.
Complimentary shuttle from the Convention to the Museum daily - check the schedule in the event guide for times and location.

Fans can join in on social media using the hashtags #ComicConMuseum #SDCC, and #SDCC23

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The Comic-Con Museum, a division of San Diego Comic-Con, is a qualified 501(c)3 organization (Tax ID 95-3072188). Gifts are fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Please contact your tax advisor for more information.