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#8: 2023 Exclusives Portal Guide

The Comic-Con 2023 Exclusives Portal is now open! Click HERE.
The Exclusives Portal closes on Sunday, July 16, 2023 at
11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Do you have a badge for Comic-Con 2023? Here’s an exclusive opportunity to attend special signings and secure limited edition items from our exhibitors at Comic-Con 2023!

The Exclusives Portal makes access to limited signings and exhibitor merchandise fair for everyone. To participate, simply submit interest with your allotted credits for the opportunity to be randomly selected. Log in to your Member ID and select the Exclusives Portal option in the top blue menu bar to begin!

Participation is limited to the days you possess a valid badge. Each badged member receives the same allotment of credits for the day(s) they’re registered for Comic-Con 2023. Take a moment to review the credit allotments below as credit(s) vary by day. Feel free to submit all your exclusive credits on one item or spread them out as you prefer. The choice is yours!

Credit Allotments
Wednesday – 7
Thursday – 12
Friday – 12
Saturday – 12
Sunday – 12

More details on exclusive credits and how to submit interest can be found on the Exclusives Portal. You can make and edit your submissions as needed until the portal closes, so there’s no need to rush! 

For instructions on how to use and troubleshoot the Exclusives Portal:

As you continue through the checkout process in the Exclusives Portal, it is important that you do not click the "Register Another Member" button. If you do accidentally click the button, you’ll be navigated to the Exclusives Portal home page. No need to panic – just click the “Checkout” button and you will be able to continue your submission of interest.

Join us over the next week as we post more Toucan Tips to help you enjoy and better navigate Comic-Con 2023!

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