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#9 Bring Your Portfolio to WonderCon Anaheim 2015!

WonderCon Anaheim 2015 Toucan Tip of the Day

This year WonderCon Anaheim has some amazing opportunities lined up for portfolio reviews all three days of the event. Bring your portfolio to be reviewed by some of the best names in the business and learn what you can do to improve your work. There is something for everyone with publishers, schools, and even special sessions with famed comics artisst Whilce Portacio and Steve Epting! You may not get a job, but you will get some sound advice on how to improve your work.

If you’re planning on showing your portfolio at WonderCon Anaheim, get prepared in advance. Before you start prepping your best work to include, check out the great advice that is available right here on our Toucan blog from our “resident artist,” Eisner Award-winner Steve Lieber. Steve has covered how to show your portfolio at a convention and also how to give a good critique of someone’s work. This is incredibly valuable advice for any artist looking for work, so click on the links and check it out.

And you writers who have stuff you want to pitch, check out what writer Marc Bernardin has to say in his Toucan columns, too, specifically this one where he tells you how to pitch your ideas—and how to handle yourself—at a convention.

And remember … WonderCon Anaheim will have Portfolio Reviews in Room 206B all three days of the convention. Our schedule for that room will go live on the website soon!