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APE 2013 is Our Next Big Show!

Comic-Con International’s next big show is APE, the Alternative Press Expo. The event rolls into San Francisco on October 12 and 13 for two big days of indie comics pleasure. APE 2013 takes place once again at the Concourse Exhibition Center at 635 8th Street. Sadly, this will be the last year for APE at this venue, as we’re told it’s being torn down soon after the show. But fear not! We’ll be back in San Francisco in 2014, as APE enters its third decade (stay tuned for complete info on that, coming soon).

APE 2013 Special Guests

APE 2013 marks the 20th straight year for the event and we’re pleased to welcome back SLG Publishing honcho Dan Vado as a special guest to help us celebrate. In addition to publishing thousands of comics over his almost-30 year history and discovering major talents such as Jhonen Vasquez and Roman Dirge, Dan is the founder of APE, starting the show back in 1994. Dan is joined by San Francisco comix and publishing legend Ron Turner, whose Last Gasp company started in the Bay area almost 35 years ago, becoming one of the leading publishers of underground comix and art books. Last Gasp also distributes comics and books from around the world.

Our third new guest is Eisner Award-winning comics writer Paul Tobin, who along with his wife—and fellow APE special guest—Colleen Coover won the Best Digital Comic award this year at Comic-Con for their co-creation Bandette. Also on board for APE 2013: Bill Griffith (Zippy the Pinhead), Anders Nilsen (Big Questions, Rage of Poseidon), Diane Noomin (DiDi Glitz, Twisted Sisters), and Raina Telgemeier (Drama, Smile). All special guests will be featured in panels all weekend long. Click here to read more about our special guests!

APE 2013 will also feature a giant Exhibit Hall filled with the very best in indie and alternative comics, books, art, and other items; a complete schedule of panels and workshops, and the return of the Comic Creator Connection, which introduces writers and artists seeking collaborators. There’s a ton of more information coming soon as we ramp up to the show, including the amazing APE 2013 official poster by special guest Colleen Coover!

Join us for the 20th anniversary APE and our last year at the Concourse!