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April Comic-Con Educational Series!

We are proud to present the next group of panels as a part of the Comic-Con Educational Series. Check back the third Thursday of each month for a new slate of online panels focused on a wide variety of education topics. In the future we are also planning to provide curriculum resources for educators.

Since the founding of Comic-Con in 1970, one of our primary goals has been to support the education community and to promote the discovery of new ways to incorporate comics and pop culture into the classroom. While the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things, it has not deterred us from our goal.

Teachers, academics, librarians, publishers, and researchers will be offering their views about how comic books can help educators tackle some of the challenges of modern education.

The Superhero League of Learning •

Join Francis Kong, as he moderates a panel of special individuals who are doing amazing things in education and who have been inspired by childhood superheroes. On this panel, you'll meet Jim Kwik (National best-selling author of Limitless) - whose mission is to help people improve the ways they learn new materials through his books and online media resources, Eric Basu, (Former Navy SEAL Commander and Founder of The World of Haiku) - who has created an online cyberpunk game that teaches actual hacking skills and train players to qualify for real-world six-figure cybersecurity careers and Tina Kim (Middle School Teacher of Year Recipient and 2018 Miss Asian Global Scholastic Title Holder) - who integrates pop culture, games, movies, costumes, stories, and imagination into her classes to inspire our future leaders. Come see how they are challenging and breaking the archaic system of education with innovative insights on not just the subjects we teach, but more importantly, how we could and should better teach the next generation.

Exploring Culture in Kids Comics •

Author-illustrators Rumi Hara (NORI), Kiku Hughes (DISPLACEMENT), and Jose Pimienta (SUNCATCHER) discuss their new graphic novels featuring POC protagonists, with middle school librarian Carla Riemer. This conversation goes beyond the importance of D&I in kids comics, to celebrate excellent storytelling from a variety of perspectives. Produced by the CBC Graphic Novel Committee.

How to Find and Choose Graphic Novels for Students •

Looking for graphic novels for your students? Help is on the way! The current boom in graphic novel publishing has created a dizzying array of high-quality graphic novels over a wide range of genres, topics, and audiences. Join our awesome group of teachers and librarians as we discuss where to find high-quality reviews and title  recommendation lists, how to choose titles and match readers to texts and tasks, where to find books in both print and digital formats, and more. Jillian Ehlers (NYC School Librarian, NYCSLA President), Shveta Miller (Author of Hacking Graphic Novels, Literacy Consultant and Instructional Coach, Director of Curriculum at Reading With Pictures), Karina Quilantán-Garza, MLS (Library Media Specialist, Texas Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List Committee Member), Christina Taylor (Librarian, VP Social Media, Reading With Pictures), Jana Tropper (Speech Language Pathologist, Director of Literacy, Reading With Pictures). Moderator: Tracy Edmunds (VP K-12 Education, Reading With Pictures)

Check back next month for a new slate of programs in the Comic-Con Educational Series!